Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JD wins third rounder and battle of the "O" face over Wozzi

Friday, January 23, 2009

PHOTO OP: JD wins third rounder and battle of the "O" face over Wozzi

Jelena Dokic continued her dream run at the Aussie Open today.

The 25-year old, who already upset Anna Chavetadze earlier in the week, was at her aggressive best and shocked 11th seed Caroline Wozniacki (and me, truthfully) 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 in the tourney's third round cracking 31 winners to Wozzi's 16.

JD also defeated the rising Dane in the battle of the "O" face. I mean, seriously, you could fit Wozzi's entire head, racquet, and new-fangled adidas duds in that hole.

In any case, great win JD. Keep 'em coming!

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  1. Nice to see Jelena back playing well!

  2. Agh, so torn on this! Really wanted to see my Danish sistah come through, but I guess it was not meant to be :(

    Gots to give it up to Dokic, though. What a feel-good story!

  3. It's so great - def the feel-good story. I honestly never thought she would defeat Wozzi, not for one second.

    Good for her for proving me (and prob a few others) SO wrong.

  4. Me too, Rich! I'm previewing some of the matches from each day on my blog and I basically said that this match would show where Jelena's comeback really is at the moment, but I never really thought that she'd come through either.

    I've not checked the draw yet as my computer is crashing more often than not today - who does she play next?

  5. I haven't seen Kleybanova play much, but who do you predict will win the Round of 16 clash between the two?

    I mean, for all those who go on about Kleybanova's extra baggage, it might work in Dokic's favour (because her penetrating groundstrokes and ability to change directions could probably tire out Kleybanova)

    On the other hand, Kleybanova is pure power, so there is a chance she could blow Dokic off the court...

  6. It's a tough call obvs. I think a big part of this is fitness - who's fitness is better after 3 matches?

    I'd give the edge to JD based on her experience and the fact that Kleybanova is seriously out of shape.

    Also don't underestimate the crowd support for JD. It could push her through even if she's feeling a bit tired. They've been rooting for her hardcore so I think they'll help her through...

  7. Who knew eh?? Sad for Caro of course,but she has a life ahead.
    Very happy with Dokic...dont care if she get eliminate to this point..its all GOOD : ) Ajde moja mala Lena : D

  8. go Dokic! I'm so happy for her, such
    a tragic story with the lunatic father (he threatened to come to Australia if bits Wasi), so let's see if the drama occurs.
    i so wish she bits Alisa!


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