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Sunday, January 4, 2009

PHOTO OP: The incredibly disappearing Dinara, baby fat begone

While her big brother Marat was busy getting punched, Dinara Safina looks like she's been taking off the pounds.

The Russian lady baller, who defeated Flavia Pennetta to give Russia and 1-0 lead over Italy at the Hopman Cup (Russia dismissed Italy 2-1, click here for results) arrived in Perth working a new slimmed down frame but still dressed in those old, dreaded pepto-colored adidas duds. Ugh.

Anyway, I'd been hearing about this new "slimmed down" Dinara and I was excited to see some images. It's definitely a noticeable change and she should def benefit from the newfound fitness in the coming season.

Will it help her nab a maiden Grand Slam? We'll see, but it certainly can't hurt.

(image via TONY ASHBY/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. I'm loving her new hair color. Suits her really well IMO! But when watching the match I sometimes thought she looked a little like Ana LOL...
    Yeah, she cut down on the baby fat, but she definitely put on some more muscles! When she played with her brother she even appeared to be more muscular than him...
    But anyway she looks good and played pretty good for the first match of the season!
    (But the pinky looks has to go!)

  2. yeah maja - maybe it's her goth look? we all had that phase (fine - i did) but my hair is naturally black. makes her look kinda pale, no?

    she's looking fit which is great news - she'll need to be to make a splash this season. i'd love her to for sure!

  3. "still dressed in those old, dreaded pepto-colored adidas duds"

    Hahaha...good one!!

  4. Can I just say how much I hate this dress on her?

    I went through a goth phase too... Black platform boots, black make up.. man, those days!

  5. I love Dinara but get rid of those duds!! Seriously, when's the last time she was wearing something else on court?? I swear she's been wearing that for MONTHS :(

  6. Ewww - let's hope she can get the funk out of those duds. plus, the whole collection is on major discount right now so it's not the best for adidas to have that crap still being worn on-court...

  7. I don't know how, but I'm making it my mission to find every single one of those ugly pink outfits and burn them in a big bon fire.

    I'm liking the hair, although her natural color is very pretty. And good for her for losing the extra baby pounds. Soo rooting for her this season.

  8. Dinara has finally realised that dark hair girls are the loveliest ;)

    Actually she had a great year last year, so it will be interesting to see what impact the new physique has.

    Best wishes to Down The Line in 2009 :)

  9. hi!!!!!

    i've been busy with school, and all i can say is..

    dinara's for the big win this year.......

    i hope she wins the french..........

    she's getting fitter and that will help her campaign for this year's tennis season........


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