Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Fernando one ups La Monf in Melbourne

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PHOTO OP: Fernando one ups La Monf in Melbourne

Fernando Gonzalez
gave the fans (fine - just me) a welcome treat during his 7-5, 6-3, 6-4 win over Guillermo Canas in the Aussie Open second round today.

OH MY. La Monf's got nothing on you Gonzo. NOTHING, I swear.

Score: Gonzo 1, La Monf 0

*comes to, looks at Gonzo glory*
*faints again*

(image via TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Copycat. That how I greet my UPS man on Fridays.

  2. Did you notice how he's almost completely hairless now? Man, that must've hurt! (and taken a lot of time too!) XD

  3. Oh Rich this must be killing you! :D

    Gonzo is such a puppy...

  4. WHY is he hairless???? I find all that hair...stimulating.

  5. sonja: No, never killing. Bent over ballers give me happiness only.

    babz: I'm partial to hairy legs myself. Something about bare legs on men skeeves me out. And rubbing up against them is even weirder - am I with a dude, a lady or both?


  6. rich - I KNOW! I want my man to be a man, so to speak.


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