Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Evgeny surfing for a breakthrough in Melbourne

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PHOTO OP: Evgeny surfing for a breakthrough in Melbourne

Thanks to Swiss DtL reader Cathy for this tip-off on Evgeny Korolev!

The Russian qualifier was spotted looking all kinds of hot while getting his surf on for a photo call in Melbourne today. He shocked Carlos Moya in the Aussie Open first round 6-3, 6-1, 7-6 (9) but will face a daunting task in the second round when he faces Roger Federer.

I'm thinking Evgeny should just drop the racquets now and pick up the surf board permanently. Am I wrong?

Anyway, word to the wise: enjoy this sexy site now because we won't be seeing him in this tourney after Regal Rog is through. Surf on on.

*turns on photographic memory, smiles*

(image via FIONA HAMILTON/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Oh my wow.

    Hm. You know what? I'ma pass on this one. Too clean looking for me. I like my men rugged. All for you Rich.

  2. *accepts babz gift gladly*

    it's the whole surf thing - it could make anyone look hot. okay - maybe not kolya but mostly everyone

  3. Hubba, hubba. Not quite Rafa or Ross, but right up there in the eye candy aisle.

  4. In case you didn't know: the boy is a cousin of a certain Anna Kournikova (and gets playfully razzed by his fellow players - they call him "Anna").

    So, no wonder he looks OK - it's in the genes.

  5. Wow...I'm a fan! Love the tan lines! So adorable.

  6. I have always thought he was cute and he is definitely looking good here, but he will have to settle for being the second hottest russian on the tour...Marat is still the hottest!

  7. anon: Maybe that's why Rich called him a "her." LOL!

    ***The Russian qualifier was spotted looking all kinds of hot while getting her surf on***

    Only pointing this out bc I found it hilarious, not bc I'm a grammar brat! :) He IS rather beautiful, after all. I probably wouldn't kick him outta bed :D

  8. Sure the surf thing is hot - always is.

    But the hair.. the fuzz.. the outfit.. the perfect half an inch of white undies contrast with his shorts. It's much too planned to suit me. I don't know. My gaydar is beeping. Although the cross necklace is an anomaly. What say you Rich?

  9. talking about Kournikova relatives, did you know Kournikova's 4 year old stepbrother is also training tennis:
    well, Kournikova's continues...And Evgeny looks HOT!

  10. good catch, johanne!

    marat is still the hottest russian boy baller out there but we'll need a replacement if this ends up being his last year. he's such a tease dropping the "R" bomb left and right.

    gay? gay for pay?? straight up hetero??? no matter babz - i'll take him though now you've got me wondering who on the tour falls on my team...

    *ponders babz question deeply*

  11. Lemme know when you finish pondering Rich. I have a shiny penny just for it. But really, the more I look at him the more I'm convinced.

    I'm sure there are a lot of players on tour who plays on your team. I have some suspicions...

  12. Babz: Go on........... :)

  13. it's either old news or wishful thinking, but there is a HOT player on tour who is almost certainly a homo.


    *waits patiently, listens intently*

  15. WHOA @ Evgeny. That's some serious piece of eyecandy. I totally get the surf thing too, Rich!
    Also, is it just me or is that sunscreen line in his face totally sexy?? Makes him look like a fighter (or Braveheart LOL).

    As for who's playing on the other team... I'm thrilled to know! DO TELL!

  16. i'm talking somebody who has said that his interests include: walnut shell collecting; listening to barbra streisand; watching figure skating; and dancing to electronica music. except recently, he's inconspicuously lifted some of these items out of his atp bio...i've seen him make at least one claim that they're jokes, but i don't buy it!

  17. regarding a different player we all know:

    but i'm sure there's a very hetero explanation to this picture.

  18. LMAO @ the Roddick picture. So random! Still, he seems too macho and too badly dressed for my taste... doesn't ring a gay bell with me...

    Evgeny could be, though!

  19. andy: hmmm interesting your name is ALSO andy.

    *marvels at coincidence*

    what could be the hetero explanation? "Dude, you've got lipstick on your cheek. Lemme lick it off before Brooklyn gets suspicious."

    That could happen, no?

  20. It's Dmitry Tursunov. Damnit Andy you're such a tease, which is what I think Lickey McTongue is saying to Roddick.

  21. "what could be the hetero explanation?"

    Stuff like that seriously happens (once happened to my ex-bf). I guess there's also a lot of beer involved, or maybe a bet... and I'm positive the sentence starts with: "Duuuude..." :D

    BTW, Lickey McTongue - LMFAO!!!!!


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