Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Dinara looking towards a major final breakthrough in Oz

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PHOTO OP: Dinara looking towards a major final breakthrough in Oz

Could the second time be the charm for Dinara Safina?

The Russian lady baller, who defeated compatriot Vera Zvonareva 6-3, 7-6 (3) in the semifinals, survived 2 match points against Frenchie Alize Cornet in the fourth round and some serious serving woes (like 40 total double faults - eeks) to reach her first Aussie Open final and second career major final. She'll battle 9-time Grand Slammer Serena Williams for the title.

Talk about living dangerously D. Let's hope your serving issues become non-issues in the final or you might be looking towards the door and not a breakthrough on Saturday night.

(image via TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Last time Serena faced an opponent in the AO final who had been struggling with her serve the score was 6-1 6-2
    *cough* maria sharapova *cough*

    Go serena! I want to see more ballet moves! :)

  2. Hell yeah!Hopefully this time it'll be some bagel involved!Vamos RERE!!!

  3. Wow, Dina is going the Ana route! French Open finalist to Aussy Open finalist to French Open champion... to total disaster?
    Let's hope not!

    Anyway, Serena ftw! She's tough to beat at any stage of a Grand Slam but she's nearly unbeatable in a final!

  4. Please-oh-please Dinara, focus and believe in yourself. Remember your brother's advice: Do the opposite of what he would do.

  5. OMG Rich I didn't know that you were on global post! Either I haven't been paying attention or you forgot to tell us. Either way congrats!! :)

  6. I think Serena is beatable this year, she played okay but not as well as she can. So I really hope Dinara can get herself together en play her best, she has got a chance then.

  7. sara: LOL @ the ballet moves! She'll put a hurtin' on that plexicushion - or is it too late for that?

    tessa: should could serve bagels if the serve fails - she's been warned.

    natch: true enough! that hottie will be missed *boo hoo*

    anon: I am in fact on Global Post - thanks for checking me out there!!!

    sabine: for sure ReRe's not an overwhelming fave. i hate to sound like a broken record but both ladies will be wise to have a high first serve percentage or else it's doomsday for either. I'd say more for D because at least ReRe can defend extraordinarily well. I can't say the same for D.

  8. If it were Vera, Elena, Kuzzy I would want them to win but I just don't have it for Dinara.

  9. I want Dinara to win, but I don't like it when journalists say that Safin is Dinara's brother now. He has 2 Grand Slam titles and has been #1. Even if Dinara wins Saturday, he's achieved more than she has, and he's more talented. That said, knock her down, Dinara!


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