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Sunday, January 25, 2009

PHOTO OP: Dinara can barely stand to watch - do you blame her?

Dinara Safina couldn't stand to watch what unfolded during her fourth round battle in Melbourne and, no doubt, she wasn't the only one (count me in.)

The third seed fought against herself and Alize Cornet, coming back from 2-5 in the final set, saving two match points, and overcoming 52 unforced errors to defeat the plucky Frenchie 6-2, 2-6, 7-5. She faces a resurgent Jelena Dokic for a spot in the semifinals.

Dinara revealed her coach, Zjelko Krajan, had some tough words for his charge after escaping the fourth round:

He said if I play like this, you gonna leave home. He said it makes no point for him to sit there and seeing myself playing completely different from what I'm practicing. Practicing playing aggressive, hitting the balls ‑‑ from 10 times 10 I hit exactly where I need to hit aggressive.

Come to the court and completely like just shadow is playing. Like, you know, Dinara is there, but just not me. So he's like, Okay, if you continue playing like this, I mean, it's better that I go home. I cannot tell you anything from sitting there. Because what I can tell you? You playing even more passive.

I mean, he's telling me at 5‑4, Hit the ball. I telling myself, Hit the ball, and just arm doesn't go because my mind is just stupid.
Tough love but true enough. And with Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic out of the top half of the draw, the pressure will be squarely on Dinara's broad shoulders to get through to her second Grand Slam final. Can she fight through her nerves and make good?

Regardless, it's good we'll still have Dinara after brother Marat retires to keep feeding us hilariously, self-depricating sound bites to pass the time. Phew.

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  1. Yeah Marat is just passing the baton to Dinara this year so we won't remain without a crazy headcase. Too bad that Santoro The Magician doesn't have a successor.

  2. I never gave up on her. I hope she can overcome those nerves, or else Serena's going home with another trophy.

  3. What a weird match that was. At times Dinara was playing horribly, and at times she was playing brilliantly.
    I think she did a great job on coming back into the match and winning it in the end. Hope she gains control of her nerves soon though, the next rounds won't get any easier.

    BTW, is Weepy McTears aka Alize Cornet by any chance Baghdatis' girlfriend? She was in his box today during the Nole match.

  4. interesting sighting sonja - we must investigate.

    *calls up stalkeratti to track alize*

  5. I think they're just friends. Alizé was at ancic/karlovic as well.
    Btw, Marcos trained in France when he was young so I guess they met there. But who knows, maybe.... <3

  6. Agh! So nerve wracking! I really like Dinara a lot and was very relieved she found a way to get out of that match victorious. Still wanting her to snatch that trophy. Do it! DO IT NOW! :)

  7. im so so very sad for alize, sigh. hope she keeps moving forward despite that crazyass let's-just-stay-on-the-defense choke at 5-2 up, match pt... :(

    anyhow, do investigate on that sighting ;) though im really pulling for simon/cornet, ever since they teamed up for the hopman cup :P hey at least she wasn't sitting in djokovic's box *shudder* that was enough to cheer me up, lol.

  8. "Btw, Marcos trained in France when he was young so I guess they met there."

    I know Sam, I thought maybe this was where they met and fell in love? Hehe. ;-)

    But I just read in another forum that she apparently has an Austrian diver boyfriend... Oh well..

  9. "because my mind is just stupid." The Safin family is simply adorable!


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