Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Ballers gather for Medibank International, hit up Sydney cocktail party

Sunday, January 11, 2009

PHOTO OP: Ballers gather for Medibank International, hit up Sydney cocktail party

A number of top ballers looking to sharpen their games ahead of the year's first major, the Aussie Open, have gathered in Sydney for the Medibank International.

But before they hit the courts for competition, some of these ballers put on their party-best and hit up a cocktail party celebrating the opening of this long-standing tourney.

Check out both draws here.

Serena Williams: The ladies' top seed, who's back to her match-point saving ways, is working a diamond-studded necklace given to her by Aussie Nic Cerrone. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of chokers, not matter the price. Ick.

Novak Djokovic: Can the boys' top seed get his ass in gear ahead of the defense of his Aussie Open crown?

Agnieszka Radwanska: Pretty in plum

Gilles Simon: I still wonder if this Frenchie baller with the sneakily effective game can keep it up this year.

Vera Zvonareva: A strong end to 2008 - but what will 2009 hold for this Russian? I'm not sure. But I am sure that I like this minimalist, Calvin Klein-esque look on Vera.

David Nalbandian: The Argentinean baller, who shouldn't quit his day job, might need some face block. Just sayin'.

Lucie Safarova: "OMFG hurry up. I so need to use the john."

Mardy Fish: Did they snip off your chin when they cut your hair?

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  1. Holy crap Serena looks like a hot mess in that photo (and not in a good way). Nole looks uncharacteristically uncomfie. But Vera looks super cute and happy (yay). Best of luck to all the ladies and gents!

    BTW, good call on labeling Simon's game as "sneakily effective." I'd throw Gulbis in there too.

  2. SON-OF-A! Above post by johanne :)

  3. Serena looks great; Johanne honey you better run off to a lense crafters.

  4. Serena always looks like a hot mess. Damn, Simon looks cute in that pic!

  5. anon9:09: If that's what looks great, I'd much prefer to look terrible.

  6. Wooo Johanne, you go girl!

    I have to agree. Like Rich, I am not fond of chokers. Very few people can work it. And her dress is.. sweetie, I know you've got it, I've got it too, but many times a modest neckline is even more enticing than the full glory, if you get my drift.

    Nole looks WAY cute! I love the shirt, and I love the hair. I like it when men aren't too tidy, too inside the lines.

    Simon: sigh Rich.. You really gonna make me lust for another younger than me male baller.. You're such a bad influence.

    Vera and Ag looks great, Safarova needs to lose the necklace, whay does Nalby always looks so greasy, please cut the hair, and Fish looks nothing good.

  7. DANG Nole is lookin' good here! YUUUUMMMMMM!

  8. i'll second sonja there! YUMOZA.
    plus simon is lookin' good too.

  9. Mardy is creeping me out here in a high school principal with a severe drinking problem kinda way.

    *lugs out high school yearbook*

    yes, it's true

    *has unfortunate flashbacks of awkward teenage years*
    *burns yearbook*

  10. haha, Rich I love the comment about Mardy. It's dead on!

  11. BTW did anyone else notice that the women totally got the "cocktail party" vibe, but the men all look like they've come in from a Baseball game?

  12. good call sonja! yes how typical - clearly no gay boys up in there (or at least out gay boys) what gives???


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