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Thursday, January 8, 2009

PHOTO OP: Ana smelling something stinky, hopes it's not her game

Something stinks and Ana Ivanovic is hoping it's not the current state of her game.

The Roland Garros champ and top seed was dumped out of the Queensland quarterfinals by Amelie Mauresmo 6-3, 6-2, the Frenchie's first win over a top tenner in almost two years (what took ya so long?!) Ana failed to hold 5 of her 6 last service games - a tough stat for a lady baller whose serve is supposed to be a crucial part of her game.

Fine - this loss isn't as horrific as, say, her loss to Julie Coin at the US Open last year. But it'll certainly hurt the Serb's confidence and, coupled with the recent announcement that she and coach Sven Groenefeld are parting ways, her chances at a another run to the Aussie Open final come seriously into question.

Let's hope the rumors Sven will still be working with her in Melbourne are true.

But, I'm thinking someone should've done more practicing and less posing during this off-season.

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  1. I hope Ana brings her A game to the Aussie Open and not her F game (Fernando...? hehehe)

    Also, I absolutely admire the fan that put that tennis ball on a string with a marker to get her autograph! Now that's determination!

  2. Hi Rich.....

    I hope Ana finds a new coach, or provide something to help her tennis, she had a difficult time before this, she was nearly defeated by an italian before this match.........

    Oh! Venus defeated Jelena in HongKong exhibition........

  3. lol at the 2nd pic! that ball on a string is funny. some autograph hunters are just ingenious!

  4. erin, amon: I guess they were "fishing" for an autograph

    *bangs drum...b dum dum*

    I slay me.

    Phaura: She really should've been training more - she doesn't look more fit than she was before...sorta the same, no?

    The serving woes are truly worrisome because she's, right now, a first-strike baller in the same vein as Shrieka maybe with a bit more mobility.

    But if she's on D, she's dead in the water and that's what's going to happen without a serve. No chance.

  5. right before ana's run to the AO finals last year, she did not win any matches at the jb classic (but reached the semis in sydney). also, before her french open win, she was beaten by dementieva in berlin and then crashed during the 2nd rd in rome. ana is not really the type who wins back-to-back tournaments based from her history. who knows, this brisbane loss may be a blessing in disguise.

  6. Not to take Ana topic out, but Mauresmo did play very well..I was impressed.

  7. anon: very true, let's hope!

    uvijek: true - it's good to see her finally grab a big win. her time is about up but she she showed she can still mix it up with the top lady ballers here and there. i'm curious to see, if she doesn't make an impact by the us open, whether she'll call it quits. wouldn't surprise me.

  8. Too much time with her new boyfriend during the off season. Any one could see that one coming.

  9. Stop with the "She should stop posing" crap. Like that's the reason why she is losing. She has always said she puts her tennis first. You are making her out to be another Kournikova which she is not. I am sick of the haters saying crap about Ana every damn minute. She is struggling. She is in a bad stretch but she will eventually get out of it. She is a yong detemined, sweet girl and some of you can't accept that and want to make her the next Kournikova. Just grow up already.


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