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Saturday, January 10, 2009

PHOTO OP: All signs point to more Murray magic in Melbourne

Andy Murray is in top form - no question.

The Brit baller capped off another brilliant week in the Middle East by capturing his first ATP World Tour title of the season (though second if you count the Abu Dhabi exo - and I do!) and second consecutive in Doha by defeating Andy Roddick handily 6-4, 6-2.

He can probably attribute his success this week not only to his new-found fitness but also to his serve: the 21-year old wasn't broken in either the final or semi-final and saved the only break point against him today. Nice.

I'm thinking all signs are pointing towards a career run for Murray in Melbourne - and I don't think I'm alone.

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  1. Murray Magic in Melbourne... nice! LOL...
    Let's just hope the British media won't hype him too much. He must be feeling the pressure already and even though he matured a lot I'm not sure if he could handle it. The British media has a history of hyping the hell out off their folks just to tear them down if they don't live up to their expectations!

  2. I saw the match online today and he's getting scary good!

    Although I was disappointed to see he's still Mr. Subdued when it comes to winning. He almost looks bored after his wins. It's totally bizarre. Thorow us a bone, Andy! Get excited!

    At least he's smiling with his trophy :)

  3. wow! That dude with the heir apparent sign is really excited!

    Awesome win for Andy.

  4. Murray was brilliant!!! Like Roddick said, he was just outplayed by Murray... I can't wait till Melbourne... The competition is gonna be fierce!!

  5. I agree,maybe we'll see a more emotional reaction from him when he wins a grand slam.

  6. Seeeee. Seeeeeeeeee. I heart Murray. A scot to boot ;) Break out the kilt, baybeeee.

  7. Babz! My fingers are crossed for that someday.

  8. Ehehe. b2012, the day it happens, ON COURT, let's pop a bottle of bubbly, just you and me.

  9. You Go Andy!!! (Murray, that is, hehe)


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