Google Down the Line!: Official RAFANATICS Facebook page launches - can you stand it?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Official RAFANATICS Facebook page launches - can you stand it?!

In honor of all the rabid Rafanatics out there in this great, big cyberworld we live in, DtL in conjunction with El Toro de Rafa have launched the offiicial RAFANATICS Facebook page!!!

Here you can admire all the Rafaness your heart (and other places) desire. Plus you can have your own pictures, videos, and other Rafanews uploaded by emailing them to

Check it out and become a fan here!


  1. OMFG! I have avoided Facebook since its development, and I gotta tell you, I really don't think I'll be able to resist this!! DAMMIT. You guys are the BEST!!! :)

  2. johanne: HAHAHAHAHA! Give in to the power of The Facebook!!

  3. Damn Rich, you ARE fast!! Cheers babe!

    Come ye, come all Rafanatics!

  4. jo,
    I feel the same way. Me likey getting my Rafa fix here.
    *fingers start twitching, typing in ""*
    God, I can't control myself...

  5. *observes natch under Rafatrance*

  6. Uhmmmmmmmm...should I put my clothes back on???...

  7. why bother? they're just coming off again anyway for naked doubs or was it strip playstation? in that case, you need to put them on in order to participate.

    question: does edible underwear count as "clothing" and can it be used in strip playstation if it can't be removed, per se, but eaten off???

    *taps index finger tip to temple*

  8. Rich,
    I mean it. Will you marry me? They haven't banned gay man, straight woman marriage yet in my state. Rafa can be our best man. He'll go on the honeymoon with us! We can make it romantic by putting the edible undies on Rafa and meeting in the middle.

  9. I'm appointing myself to be maid of honor. Don't argue. I'll even throw you a bachelor/ette party.

  10. Hmmm...Rich remains strangely silent.
    Oh, I know. I forgot to get down on my knees.

    Rafa, are you listening????

  11. sorry - just found the meat.

    what were guys saying now?

  12. How difficult is it to find the meat? It's right there - not as if it can move some place else! Are you getting rusty?

  13. WHOA! Rafanatics on Facebook!!! Do I have to log on now? Because I've always been avoiding it, too. LOL

    Well, I think I gotta do what a Rafalized woman has gotta do...

    Which is: Rafa.

    But secondly, logging on to that ridiculously cool page! :))


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