Google Down the Line!: Nole gets prickly when talk turns to Murray - what gives?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nole gets prickly when talk turns to Murray - what gives?

Is Novak Djokovic feeling disrespected? Shocker.

After his second round comprehensive defeat of the modelesque Frenchie Jeremy Chardy (seriously, he's kinda hot), the defending champ bristled when the discussion in his post-match presser turned to Andy Murray's status as the fave this fortnight:

Q. Last year everyone was talking about you as sort of the third man after Rafa and Roger. Now it's Andy as the third man. Do you get that sense?
Nole: Why Andy?

Q. Because he's the one being talked about as the third challenger.
Nole: What's his ranking and my ranking?

Q. I'm not going on the ranking system.
Nole: The thing is that you cannot put somebody, I mean, all the respect to Andy, I like him as a person and as a player. He's done a lot in the last couple months, and he's a very talented player and we can expect him to win some Grand Slams in the future.

But you cannot put him as the favorites next to Roger and Rafa and myself here at Australian Open.
Oh boy - here we go again. Now we know why the defending champ has been looking a bit mopey out there on the court.

You need to get a grip Nole. Don't you know by now those media mimbos are just trying to goad you? First fave, second fave, third fave, no fave, whatever. All that matters is that you go out, compete, and win.

So quit the whining and focus on the ball. Yeah, like in the picture. Geez.

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  1. OUCH! That's gotta hurt. He'll be sorry later - what the heck was Nole thinking?

    Or is the more appropriate question: Who does he think he is?

    Arrogance Alert...

  2. Remember when Novak Djokovic was a funny, entertaining player that virtually everyone liked? The transition to the arrogant douche bag that he is now was so gradual I almost didn't notice it? Almost.

  3. Hey Anon, I was just thinking that... I met Djokovic in Feb 2007 in Dubai.. and he was a sweetheart... he was number 13 in the rankings then, and he was very friendly, very motivated, well-versed!! I can't believe what he's turned into.

    He really needs to start filtering the stuff coming out of his mouth before he says them!!!

  4. First yes, Jeremy is SO delish in person - so so pretty.

    Second, ngh. I hate when this kind of thing happens because I really like Nole and I like his confidence and that he's not scared to flex it. But he's kind of kidding himself to say Andy's not in their league...

  5. After the way he acted after he beat Roddick at the US Open last year, anything he says comes off as just a petulant little bitch. It's no wonder crowds turn against him so quickly.

  6. Still not quite as arrogant as Federer, though... hehe

  7. *anon 8:26 ducks*

    FYI those were Fedophile daggers

  8. Dear Nole,
    If you're going to play the bad guy, then BE the bad guy. Don't just pout because nobody in the media will show you love. Tennis needs a bad guy. Remember when we all hated Johnny Mac? Bad mouth Andy. Call him a punk who will never win a slam, and say you will beat Pete's record before Roger. Tell us your muscles are bigger than Rafa's. Just be prepared for a whole lotta hate to come your way. But it will make you much more fun to watch and listen to. If you do these things, then you can get back to focusing on tennis, instead of reading newspapers and blogs.
    Your best interests at heart,

  9. anonymous 7.01

    gradual? i'm amazed it happened so fast

  10. lol modelesque jeremy chardy aye? well he'll also playing doubles with simon, colour me fangirl but it's hard not to be excited about that ;)

  11. Federer and Nole should get together to talk about Murray and feed each other sour grapes.

  12. I don't think that Roger and Nole can be lumped into the same pile. Roger has 13 slams Nole only one and while Roger is known for his cool demeanor and class, Nole is now known for his whining and douche-baginess (that's right... that's a word.)


  13. I'm not talking about GS titles, I'm talking about the fact that Federer doesn't like Murray being ones of the favorites either. And Roger is also known for being a bit arrogant sometimes.

  14. That's "one" of the favorites.

  15. Federer on Murray being the fave... “He’s never won a Slam.“Novak is the defending champion here. Rafa had an incredible season last year. I won the last slam of last season. It’s surprising to hear.”;_ylt=AplEStXpS_s4gshoqyasLLg4v7YF?slug=ap-federer-murray&prov=ap&type=lgns

  16. I don't think that Roger can be called arrogant when he has the trophies to bakc up his remarks and also compliments the great accomplishments of Nole and Rafa. However, I don't really care right now, Serena won and she was rocking a way better dress than the psychedelic stiff one she wore during her first match.

  17. kind of hot?
    you mean Chardy is VERY hot!

    shame he has a girlfriend!

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  19. It doesn't matter how many trophies you have. If you say things like "I amazed myself today" or "I can't be #2" (they're not the exact quotes), you're arrogant.

  20. "Federer and Nole should get together to talk about Murray and feed each other sour grapes."

    Haha, so brilliant!! :))

  21. Andy has started a very good season, and he was fantastic at the end of the last season, but again Novak is "the third man"...
    Nole isn't prickly when talk turns to Murray, 'cause they're very good friends, the same generation, and they respect eachother...

  22. "Nole isn't prickly when talk turns to Murray, 'cause they're very good friends, the same generation, and they respect eachother..."

    anon, that's the messed up part. you'd think because they're friends he'd avoid the whole discussion and say something like, "He's a friend and I'm happy he's been playing great so good for him to get the positive talk. but all that matters is what happens on the court on the day. There men's field is deep and anybody can win on any given day, it's about executing when it matters."

    But he falls for the goading and the media mimbos know he'll give them a good soundbite. He falls for it everytime - his arrogance is his downfall here.

    Or as natch mentioned above, if you want to be the bad boy then be the bad boy. but this role of being a "djoker" while underneath crap is bubbling comes off as disingenuous and by now we can all see through it.

  23. What I find most interesting is that Nole asks "Why Andy?" Both he and Fed had that kind of knee-jerk reaction, of "Wait a minute wait a minute, hold on, what are you guys talking about? Andy? Really?" And the thing for me is that it's not like Andy is some random player that people are picking from out of nowhere. He's the world no. 4 and he's been playing really great tennis lately. He's a strong contender so people are talking about him. Period. Yes it's true he hasn't won a Slam before, but there was a time in every Grand Slam winner's life where he/she hadn't yet won a Slam. So I think the press is just salivating over the question of "Is this Murray's time?" And nobody knows, obviously, but he deserves to be talked about as one of the faves, IMO. So Nole, just keep focusing on your matches and stop letting the media get under your skin.

    Now that I've said all that, I'll end with this: VAMOS RAFA!! LOL :D

  24. Neither a bad boy nor a djoker, much more complex character, and there does seem to be a lot bubbling underneath, but it's not all crap.

    I really like him as well and hope that he learns to express himself better, it could just be English-not-native-language-problem. He should take tips from Rafa rather than Roger in answering awkward questions (loved that comment about fed, nole and the grapes!).

    Have to say this reporter was really obnoxious, why keep throwing "Murray as new no. 3" in Novak's face in a round 2 post match conference?

  25. You see?

    How am I supposed to like this guy? I try my best you know. He's just not helping.

  26. i used to like nole. but his head has gotten sooooo BIG. [plus it doesn't help to have the kind of father he has]

  27. Nole is a great champion but he is very immature, he should know that the media likes to goad players into saying controversial things and Novak is a hot button when his own ego comes into play! I hope he shuts his critics up and lets the racket do the talking by beating Federer and Murray again!


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