Google Down the Line!: Murray grounds Marcel, hits back at Fed + Nole comments

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Murray grounds Marcel, hits back at Fed + Nole comments

After his 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 defeat of Spanish baller Marcel Gronellers, Andy Murray was asked in his post-match presser about recent statements by Roger Federer + Novak Djokovic questioning his place as a fave for the Aussie Open title:

Q. Have you been intrigued that Roger and Novak are a bit irritated that you're getting a bit more attention and people are suggesting you might even win this thing?

ANDY MURRAY: I mean, quite big contradictions. You know, they don't ‑‑ you know, they say there's a lot of pressure on them, but then people aren't saying they're the favorites, but they want to be the favorites. Therefore, by saying they're the favorites, they're putting more pressure back on themselves.

I don't really understand the whole thing. I mean, I think I played well enough in the last six or seven months to be in that sort of group. Whether I'm the favorite or not, I don't know.

Like I said at the start of the tournament, Federer, Nadal have got the most experience, you know, and probably merit being favorites. But there's a reason why people think I have a chance to win here, because I played very well the last few months and won against them.
So no mention of Nole meriting fave status Andy? Interesting. Anyway, after your tremendous results recently including wins over Fed and the defending champ, you deserve to be included in the group of faves for the title - period. Everyone starts at zero and some were faves while some others were surprises when they grabbed their maiden major.

The real champion will be crowned in a little over a week anyway.

However, I can't say that I'm not enjoying the fireworks!

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  1. I like it. He's defensive without being offensive. Not saying anything untrue.

    *sends kisses to Andy*

  2. true babz, he's towing the line and disagreeing with being disagreeable.

    maybe andy's PR should hookup with Fed + Nole's PR and do lunch - no sour grapes should be served of course (as a previous commenter hilariously mentioned recently)

  3. Get out of my head, RiCH! Same thoughts going on in here :)

  4. Thing is Fed has got the free speech card, what with him being king for such a long time until last year.

    And PR will not help Nole - he does not look like the kind of guy who would listen. Still too young and brash. Says the mass comm major...

  5. Good on ya, Andy. I will cheer for you to win, as long as you aren't playing Rafa. And, if you do play Rafa, then if you can provide him naked afterwards, I will cheer for you then, too. Deal?

  6. "he's towing the line and disagreeing with being disagreeable."

    i meant without being disagreeable - oopers.

    sharp minds DO think alike. I think. Well maybe. Just today. Or always.

    babz: no way, Fed gets a smackdown when he talks least here!

    natch: *salivating for rafa-murray semi*

  7. *wipes Rich's mouth*
    >>i meant without being disagreeable - oopers.<<
    That's just how I read it. Funny how the mind works, innit?

  8. Andy is such a great guy! What a mature and clever way to respond to this.

    And again, it kinda shows this bite-me-mentality, which I love about him!

    He's like: "What's all the drama?? I dunno what you guys are doing, but I'm playing tennis."

    Still, he's full of respect for his opponents.

    *roots for Andy*
    *...and naked Rafa*
    Just because, you know...

  9. Murray is so arrogant he needs to be taken down a peg or two! Comooon Novak!!!!

  10. Any of you know what "brain training" Murray is talking about in his AO presser from last night?

    He was throwing numbers like 38 is good, 44 is bad etc. . .

  11. At first I didn't like Murray at all because of his attitude on court, but now I'm starting to like it, and the fact that he's annoying both Federer and Djokovic makes me like him even more. I think his comments were great. He's not my fave, but I wouldn't mind if he won the tournament.

  12. Not "it", but "him", he's not a thing!


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