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Monday, January 12, 2009

+ MONDAY NETCORDS: Michelle does Elle...Zina vs. USTA...Tommy sings his own tune

* Mo' money, mo' problems? Aussie Open '09 singles champs will earn $1.42 million each, increasing the overall purse by 12%. *kicks self for not being born with tennis talent + tennis body to match*

* Upcoming shrieker Michelle Larcher de Brito was featured recently in Portuguese Elle magazine.

* After some speculation, the ATP World Tour officially announced the appointment of ex-Nike exec Adam Helfant to the position of CEO for the men's pro tour. Note to Adam: Congrats and good luck (you'll need it). Note to ATP: please no bonuses or payouts until he actually does something, okay?

* Former FED CUP captain Zina Garrison is reportedly planning to sue the USTA for racial discrimination after settlement talks broke down following claims the former Wimbledon finalist was wrongly dismissed from her position with the organization. She is seeking millions in back pay and damages. This sounds U-gly. Stay tuned.

* Tommy Robredo fancies himself a contender at next week's Aussie Open. After defeating Jurgen Melzer 6-3, 6-4 in Sydney, the Spaniard said, "There is always great names so we will see who is in the best shape. Hopefully I can go far. That's why I'm here. Hopefully I can be the surprise (at the Australian Open) - it would be a nice present." Yeah right, and Rafa will turn Swiss, his ass-ets will shrink, and he'll actually become Roger Federer. No chance, Harvey.

*'s Ravi Ubha takes a peek at the Aussie's best hopes for a homegrown champ at the season's first major. (Hint: it's not looking so good...yet)

* Which young lady baller answered "I really liked watching Jennifer Capriati and Martina Hingis. Those were the two players I really liked and spent time watching" when asked who her fave ballers were growing up? Find out here!

* Okay this one's for the Fedophiles (Freaky Frites, I'm talking to you.) Nike has released the Men's Dri-FIT Athlete T-Shirt ($30) in grey for Spring '09 featuring a graphic screen print of your boy and his 'RF' logo (pictured left.) Wear him well, Fedophiles.

* Will Van over at Tennis Talk, Anyone? have early season regrets in the post-season?

(images via Elle, Getty, Midwest Sports)


  1. Mmm, definitely buying that (although men's smalls are about knee-length on me... don't they realize they would sell many more Roger/Rafa/etc shirts if they made them for WOMEN?!).

  2. Also, did you hear about this?,21985,24904914-3162,00.html

    Do you have any more information? I really hope he does pop in for a match (unless it interferes with his practice schedule for the AO). I have my fingers crossed for a Rafa/Rog match...

  3. James Blake and Nike have parted ways. Blake is now with Filas.,getty:20050301:ten,photo,

    all the best,


  4. OOh, Rich! You know me so well. That shirt is mine, all mine! Ya HA HA HA!

    Roger still wipes the court with the competition, at least when it comes to t-shirt designs!

  5. thanks for the tips guys! i wouldn't be surprised if rafa showed up in kooyong - exo, no pressure, can practice while playing = no brainer

    ff: yes i knew it!

  6. That Federer shirt is hot. Too bad it only comes in men's sizes. Nike should know he has girl fans too!!


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