Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Serena the emotional eater, finds comfort with turkey dogs

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Serena the emotional eater, finds comfort with turkey dogs

Here's video of Serena Williams' appearance on the Regis Philbin-hosted Million Dollar Password last night.

The US Open champ and her partner were pitted against late night talk show host Craig Ferguson and his contestant- and lost. Oh well, ReRe had other things are her mind (like turkey dogs) and she managed to blog about it, of course:

I have a question for u all... Did u guys happen to catch me last night on Million Dollar Password? It’s the show with Regis? It was on CBS? Kinda cool to be on primetime :)

Anyways I did not think I did good! Craig Ferguson was so good! I mean he was so quick and witty! I was just not on my toes! What a bummer. I also have grown to hate my voice. I know this sounds crazy but it sounds all muffled! If you guys are watching my tennis matches and u hear me sounding funny it is because I am working on developing a better sexier voice! Lol what do u think?

Ok so I was happy to lose because they had a crazy green room! I kept downing the turkey dogs! Hahah hot dogs r my FAV thing but no one ever had turkey dogs (I don't eat beef or pork). So every time I lost I took comfort in the dog!
Who knew ReRe was an emotional eater? Crazy! Anyway, here's a clip from her appearance.


BONUS: Have you seen the new commercial for Gatorade called "What's G?" featuring ReRe, Lil' Wayne, Derek Jeter, the legendary Muhammad Ali, and a bevy of other celebrities? It's pretty cool though you'd never know they were selling a sports drink:


  1. Now I know what those notes that she has written in that little notebook of hers that she reads during matches sometimes: "Don't worry, if you drop this set, you can just take comfort in the dog during a timely bathroom break and come back to win in 3 sets."

  2. can you imagine if she actually did down dogs - not the yoga kind mind you - during breaks between sets? would that be against the rules?? banana or turkey dog...turkey dog or banana...oh the choices.

    i'd make myself some smoothies. i love drinking smoothies before going out to hit - they're not heavy but filling and give you energy. i'd have all different kinds but always with mango and acai. love that stuff.


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