Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Fed hit the high seas, Fed + Murray hit with kids in Doha

Monday, January 5, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Fed hit the high seas, Fed + Murray hit with kids in Doha

The ATP World Tour officially kicked off the 2009 season seaside this year.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer did their part to promote the Tour and this week's Qatar Open by hitting some balls on a shipping vessel off the shore of Doha on Sunday.

I can't wait to see these two actually competing against each other on-court! *remembers Wimby final and cries, remembers Rafa and his ass-ets climbing Wimby wall and faints*


And today, Fed and Abu Dhabi champ Andy Murray took part in a kids' clinic for the Qatar Open.

Let the season begin - woo woo!!!

(images via AP, Getty)


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
    Makes the jetlag worthwhile.
    Rich, I've been Rafaless for almost a month! You saved me!!! Are those his new duds (at least the shirt?) Love 'em/it.

  2. Hey Natch!

    Welcome back. The shirt is from Nike's Holiday Collection (same style as the controversial US Open shirt) and he wore it in Abu Dhabi (check older posts from last week).

    I love this shirt but it's received very mixed reviews. Some want no sleeves and some want no collar.

    How 'bout no shirts?

  3. How 'bout no shorts??? ;)

    Is he wearing shorter shorts? *crosses fingers*

    I love the shirt. Finally, he got something form fitting. Uhhh...besides me. ;)

  4. that'll do too!

    the capris have given way to the Longer Length short. so no shorty-shorts but they are a bit shorter. oh well, can't complaing about a little more leg.

  5. *remembers Rafa and his ass-ets climbing Wimby wall and faints*

    HA! Me too, Rich! I wonder how soon Rafa and Fed will compete in a tourney?? Sooner rather than later?? Hmmmm.... I can't wait!

    P.S. I'm all for a boxer brief showdown on-court...especially one between Rafa and Feliciano.... ohhhhhhhhhhh :D

  6. Jesus Rich. That was my line!

    To be honest, white shorts = yes yes.

  7. Babz: brilliant (and salacious) minds think alike, no?

    how about wet + white?? always better views that way.

  8. >>how about wet + white?? <<

    White non-clamdigger shorts...hooray!

    Hey Babz, what's your new Rafa website? I must go there & fixate.

    *waves to johanne*

  9. Oh Lord. DO NOT DO THIS TO ME. I just started pms-ing. Horny time, here I come. Er. Pun not intended.

    Hey natch!! Oh god I picked the worst time ever to start a blog! End of year, busy busy. I have to update. You can click my name to go there. Thanks for the interest!


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