Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa celebrates new Nike stylings, tempers expectations in Melbourne

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa celebrates new Nike stylings, tempers expectations in Melbourne

Top baller Rafael Nadal has launched a new section on his website called 'Rafael Nadal - Open Australia 2009" which celebrates the launch of his controversial new Nike stylings this week in Melbourne.

The section features an image of the Mallorcan Matador in the new gear and information on the Short Sleeve top, Long Check Short, and new head scarf and wristbands he'll be wearing during his campaign towards a first Aussie Open championship.

In other news Rafa, wearing the Nike Eugene Track Jacket from his forthcoming sexy ad campaign, was also interviewed recently by Eurosport about his current form and chances the next two weeks:


Something about his statements struck me strangely. Is it me or does it seem he's tempering expectations and playing down his chances in the next couple of weeks? He definitely isn't conveying the usual quiet confidence he gives off about himself and his bullish game.

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  1. Hey Rich! In regards to Rafa's statements about his chances in Melbourne, I actually think this is fairly typical of how he talks to the press. He makes it clear that, you know, anything can happen, but if he's playing well he has his chances. I think maybe his injury at the end of '08 coupled with this being only his second competitive tournament of the new season, is what could be making him come off as a bit more reserved than usual. But that's just the way he is, IMO :)


  2. What I like, though, is the intensity and focus of his training sessions. Bodes well.

  3. johanne: true, but it seems he's a little more reserved and prob because like you mentioned he knows he's lacking match play and lost early in Doha. He can work his way in, of course.

    anon: his training has looked good, he looks good so should be good tourney irregardless.

  4. Omg... I love the colors.. I fucking love it... *swoon*


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