Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Nole still messing with his HEAD, falls to Ernests in Queensland

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

(UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Nole still messing with his HEAD, falls to Ernests in Queensland

It wasn't an auspicious start to the season for Novak Djokovic, to say the least.

The top seed was upset in his Brisbane International opening round by super-talented Ernests Gulbis 4-6, 4-6, his first career loss to the Latvian lad (with the lovely locks.)

Nole, who switched from Wilson to a HEAD racquet recently, mentioned the change and its effect on his preparation in his post-match presser:

The racquet is a pretty big change. I like everything (in my preparation) to be 100 per cent perfect, sometimes it is not possible. There are still some things (with the racquet) I am not used to and unfortunately I get this result.
When asked if he would stick with the new racquet, the World No.3 responded, “I am under contract so I have to play with the racquet.

However, Nole confirmed a wildcard into Sydney next week to gain more preparation for the defense of his Aussie Open title and seemed unfazed by the early loss:
I am not panicking. I am not seriously in big doubt. The Australian Open is my highest goal for this part of the year and I really want to play well there. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the first match, so I’m not going to be pessimistic. I have a lot of time now to prepare for the Aussie Open.
No doubt about that one, Nole. I still find it strange that he, or any other baller, would make such a significant change in equipment at such a crucial time. He's about to defend his first, and only, Grand Slam title in a few weeks and decides to switch racquets? Not a very smart move.

Let's hope it wasn't just for the money because if it was, Team Nole may have some regrets.

UPDATE: HEAD finally released an official announcement about Nole today. Could they BE any later???

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  1. Not the best start for Novak but, a good confidence builder for Curls!!

  2. Hey Rich,
    You're right. Nole is about to go into a hairy situation.

    You know, with all the weird changes he's been doing lately, I wonder if he's in that "I don't know who I am" phase most people in the 20's go through. This could be when the family sinks in with control forever, or he separates from them to discover he can live on his own.

  3. Sucks for Nole, but something tells me it wasn't just about the racquet switch. Ernests is a bit of a dark horse, IMO. He can def throw the top guys off balance...

  4. b2012: ernests should make some noise this year if he can keep the aggression controlled. huge, dangerous game.

    natch: he does seems a little at sea, hair included.

    johanne: absolutely, ernests has a big future and is uber-talented. like i mentioned above, he'll need to find the right balance of control and aggression and then look out. he could have a big run at the aussie the way tsonga did last year.

  5. Gulbis is a good friend of Nole.

  6. “I am under contract so I have to play with the racquet.” He's definitely not the best spokesperson for Head.

  7. sighhhh
    now we're gna have to deal with him here in sydney lol ;)

  8. Weird - the change does seem like a €€€ decision to me... Especially when he kinda stated he's not too happy with the new racket.

    The fuzzy hair I like. Reminds me of a fluffy little panda bear. :-)

    "Could they BE any later???"

    Rich, this is so Chandler. Love it!!


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