Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Maria pulls out of Aussie Open, "I am just not ready to compete," says Shrieka

Sunday, January 11, 2009

THE LOW DOWN: Maria pulls out of Aussie Open, "I am just not ready to compete," says Shrieka

Maria Sharapova will not be defending her title at Aussie Open.

The Russian glamazon, who underwent secret surgery last October to fix her balky shoulder, announced the news via her website:

I am very very sad to report that I am just not ready to compete at the level required to win a Grand Slam. I have been working very hard over the past few weeks and my shoulder is doing great, but there is way more preparation and training needed to compete to win my fourth grand slam and I have just ran out of time. If they can move the Australian Open back another 3 weeks, I think I could be ready!! I have very mixed feelings, I am so disappointed and sad that I can't defend my title from last year and at the same time, I am so excited to be back on the tennis court training.
Crap! Although it's disappointing whenever a defending champion is unable to defend their title, it's even more unfortunate when it's a Grand Slam. It always feels like something's lacking from the start - and there is and will be this year.

Shrieka will be missed next week but it's better to come back when ready than to force the issue.

On a side note, the 3-time Grand Slammer also mentioned her last trip to NYC when the stalkeratti spotted her shopping with some friends:
Quote goes to Natalie when the paparazzi were following us around in NY. 'Do they always make conversation with you like that?' Yep, there's a very open dialogue when they're snapping your picture and no it's not normal.
But is it worse if they didn't care to follow you at all? What would THAT mean??

Anyway, happy healing Shrieka and we'll see you, eh, soon.

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  1. I am not a Maria fan, but it's always better when the top ballers are there for a Grand Slam, especially after how she ran through the field last year.

    Tough break for her, hopefully it's not serious enough to end her season.

  2. It's a big shame! Without Sharapova the Australian Open is gonna be very boring on the ladies side. There is only one good thing: I red that Maria committed to the Open Gaz de France in february, so hopefully she'll be ready then to compete..

  3. Puts on sade face :(

    Hope she will play again soon. She just needs more time.

  4. I'll miss Masha terribly this year!She always brings some glamour (except this year Wimbledon, that was complete disaster, dress considering, just hurt my eyes)to the court and outside of it!I love the anxiety on court when she's having tough match, but pulls it out regard of that!And the nervous Yuri in the box!Every Aussie had some Masha story!The incredible first round match with Camille Pin where Masha almost fainted how hot it was out there, is one of my favorite Aussie WTA matches!And last years final was fierce!Just love Masha!BUT Serena Williams is here to keep the drama alive!I think Ivanovic's game's gonna be all mushy and not so tough, she'll in the process of getting herself and her game 2gether...looking forward to seeing Rere, Venus, newcomers ofcourse-Radwanska, Azarenka.....JJ drama, and these are Aussie cookies I'm looking forward to!Oh my god , still a week to go!It feels like FOREVER!!!!I got mistaken it's suppose to start tomorrow, so bad I want it, and yeah, nope, another long week!But Sidney oh Sidney's gonna bring some gooooooood matches!!Tennis addicted, damet.

  5. last years Wimbledon, ups, it's 09 alright alright...:)

  6. I must say that although I was pretty much expecting the bad news to come any day now, it is still very disappointing. This is now the second Grand Slam in a row Maria has missed and I must say the tour is just not the same without her. Hopefully she will be 100% fit and ready by the time Indian Wells and Miami come around.

  7. This news blows. Get that shoulder nice and healthy ASAP! :)


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