Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) JJ blogs from Melbourne, still no decision on clothing + racquet sponsors

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

(UPDATED) JJ blogs from Melbourne, still no decision on clothing + racquet sponsors

Jelena Jankovic has made her way to Melbourne for the Aussie Open and is still recovering from the illness that knocked her out of the JB Group Classic in Hong Kong.

Via her blog:

I got to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon. I saw the doctor and got some medicine, which really helped. I tried to train on Monday but it was just terrible. I still had no energy and felt really bad on the court. I went back to the doctor and got more medicine. I'm off the antibiotics now, and today I'm feeling a lot better. I'm still stuffed up and coughing a little bit, but compared to how I was before, I'm really happy!

Good news for the top lady baller. JJ also discussed the much-discussed mystery surrounding her clothing and racquet sponsorships:
Some people have been wondering what clothes I'll be wearing this year because in Hong Kong last week I was wearing clothes with my initials, JJ on them. Those were my own clothes, though. I can't tell you all what I'll be wearing in Australia, because I haven't signed any contracts yet. I can't say anything until it's made official. I hope you all like it though! Also, my contract with Prince has expired, so I will be changing racquets soon, but not yet. It takes time to get used to a new racquet, and it's probably not the best thing to do right before a Grand Slam. I haven't decided what racquet I'll be changing to, but hopefully quite soon. I'll tell you all when I know!
So no Li Ning but her own line? Egads! Our fears have come to fruition - she has her own fashion line. But from the sounds of it, she has a REAL sponsor up her sleeve. Phew.

But more importantly: she doesn't have a new racquet sponsor yet to replace Prince with the Aussie Open only 5 days away? Seriously?? Something tells me she's getting some really bad advice and direction from someone.

Anyway, the Serb will be blogging for The Age during the Aussie fortnight and giving her pay to charity:
I'll be writing a newspaper column during the Australian Open, for The Age. It'll be every second day, after each of my matches. They're paying me for it, but all of the money I make will go to UNICEF. If you can, please read it! Hopefully you'll all enjoy it.
Nice touch.

Boy, there's been so much upheaval for JJ already this season. Let's hope it doesn't distract from the most important thing - winning her first Grand Slam.

But I have doubts.

UPDATE: I just added some images from the Serb's practice session in Melbourne today for your viewing pleasure. Sorry Uvijeck - nothing topless just yet. You'll be the first to know once I find some though. *pinky swears*

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  1. Hey Rich, you're right: It does seem like a lot going on right before the start of a Slam. I was pretty optimistic about her chances at the Aussie, but now I'm kind of wondering.

    But you know, here's something I don't get that happens with players: If they've had success with a racquet, why not meet in the middle with the company to ensure you remain with them? I mean, if I got to number 1 in the world with Prince, there's no way I'm switching.

  2. Hope everything falls in line for you, JJ. No need to start off the new season with any more drama. But I'm definitely going to read that blog. So curious!

    BTW, her body looks SICK in that photo. *jealous*

  3. You know what? If she does have her own line, I will give her a chance and reserve judgement until I see it. No, seriously.

    Yes, it does seem like there's a lot going on with her. I really hope it won't detract her from the real tennis. I really do like her.

  4. Van: At least traditionally ballers wouldn't even think of switching racquets in their CAREER nevermind the weeks before a Slam - unheard of.

    So who knows? Maybe this experimentation will work. All I know is that it does take time for them to get comfortable with a new stick, the stringing, maneuverability, etc and the week before a major is cutting it close.

    johanne: I wish her well too and her bod is looking quite fit, so let's hope her health catches up!

    babz: We will def see - I hoping it's not inspired by her own style because she can get pretty cheese. If it's closer to what she wore at last year's US Open or in Hong Kong then it could be good.

    *fingers crossed*

  5. Jelena, FOCUS!!! Fashion, cosmetics and blogging will NOT win you a slam. Practice, HARD WORK, and a little bit of luck, will. You can do all that other crap after you've retired.

    Besides, nobody can outblog Rich. ;)

  6. johanne,
    You're so right about her body. It is just beautiful. I would play naked doubles with Rafa if I were her! That is a new event at the AO, isn't it? Or was that another dream I had and discussed with my therapist?

  7. natch: "Besides, nobody can outblog Rich."

    *calls jj PR, challenges her to blog-off*

    she's gonna lose. HARD (like her sick stomach)

    *dreams of coming back as RiCH working Serb body*

    Dreams make me happy.

    PS Natch - the therapy jar is getting empty. Not enough donations, too many Rafasessions?

  8. I hope she get all her stuff together and do well this year..and that's go for all of them ( media) to demonstrate that good female tennis is here to stay...

    Now I want to said that i dont understand myself cause i always go for the underdogs...2 years ago i used to go for Jelena and Ivanovic...last year I was going for Szavay (what a mistake of changing coaches) and now Im going for Wozniacki 99%...and 70% Cornet..I don't understand...i just want new blood...competition...and that the one that are top 10 dont feel confy that they will be forever they can push to another you guys thing is that bad to think like that?...nothing against any player..just for the good of tennis : )

  9. Uvijek Argen: No, I don't think it's bad that you're looking for some newbies to step it up and take it to the next level. All the lady ballers need some more pressure coming from one other in order to become better, more consistent players, IMO. They need some fire.

    BTW, I really like Wozniacki too!!

  10. uvijek/johanne: agreed - it's okay to want some new blood in there, especially when the current blood is either aging or tepid.

    honestly, i miss (and am still waiting for) the next marty hingis, monica seles, steffi graf - a precocious young lady baller who has a great game coupled with a fearless, winning attitude.

    That would knock the proverbial socks off this tour and get these ladies' ass in gear.

    *looks at watch, taps foot*

  11. relive then : )

    Tonight: Williams vs Wozniacki. Thats has to be good.

  12. Rich,
    Put your therapy on my tab. We'll bill Rafa for it. Then he will have to call one of us...*faints*

    I like watching anyone new and exciting challenge the establishment. UNLESS it's Rafa as the establishment. Then I just like watching Rafa. For as long as possible. Doing all sorts of things. In various states of various positions...

  13. Wow, JJ own apparel line would be fabulous. Glitter fest!

  14. Im really excited to see ho she signs with. I would love her to sign ith Puma actually and have her own range that would be awesome. Nike has Maria and Serena, Adidas already has Ana and Makiri.


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