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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FASHION FIX: Serena defeats Yuan, reveals self-designed Nike gear

Serena Williams made a relatively clean start towards a fourth Aussie Open crown today.

The 9-time Grand Slammer, who's dealing with a head cold, weathered the soaring heat to knock out China's Meng Yuan 6-3, 6-2 in a 75 minutes first round match. However, she made 31 errors against 26 winners so she'll definitely be motivated to shore up her power game when she faces Argentine Gisela Dulko in the next round.

ReRe also showcased her the new Nike duds she'll be working over the fortnight. Now, it's not the outfit rumored to be her Aussie Open gear online (another Nike semi switch-a-roo) but something she helped design herself. She was asked about it during her post-match presser:

Q. Your outfit was nice today. What inspired your choice?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Thanks. It was a pattern. Most of the time the outfits are always solid. But I love patterns. I'm really inspired by prints, like Pucci, and things like that.

Actually with that, I did the design. We had someone come over. I remember I was sitting in my apartment. I literally had to go to like different websites, not websites, but pages on the computer and kind of graphically design the pattern. So it was interesting. You know, it was just really weird concepts. We came up with some circles and some lines, just kind of things like that. It was cool.

Q. How long did it take you?

SERENA WILLIAMS: It didn't take long. Probably took like two hours at the most, so...

I'm not a big fan of this outfit. With ReRe, I always prefer her tennis to be loud and her fashions to be subtle so this feels a little over the top to me. The design is striking but messy and distracting and really interferes with the silhouette of the entire outfit.

Additionally, the stiffness of the fabric in the skirt makes it bell out, which is not flattering on her body type and tends to make ReRe shorter and wider on the bottom. She looks much better in softer, flowy fabrics.

All in all, a definite "miss".

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  1. Okay, if I'm reading this right, she opened up Microsoft Powerpoint and chose the "Tennis Togs" template?

  2. I don't usually comment on Serena, because I can't stand her, but that dress is and was HIDEOUS. HIDEOUS.

  3. Actually Serena's dress is the same as all the websites say, but just with a completely different print + color. And I have to say I hate it in this way. It would look much better if it had a blue or white color. That would make it clean and classic, instead this one is way over the top!

  4. anon: hahaha! i guess that's how fashion is designed these days...serena-style that is.

    natch: so you love the outfit, no?

    Daan: It's actually not a dress but two pieces. But the top that was passed around online was the Serena Sleeveless Top which has a square neckline while this one has a v-neck.

    But the skirt is the same Serena woven pleated skirt from online.

    Another Nike semi switch-a-roo!

  5. What the?

    Is that a nipple on her left nipple?

    Ok srsly. The cut is terrible and the print is all too much. I cannot believe they let this off the drawing board.

  6. I laughed out loud when I saw her outfit. Then I vomited.

  7. Wow.. harsh, and I liked it, much more so than the mess she's been wearing lately with ruffles. I guess if you vomit, that's extreme dislike.

  8. Well, I was pleased that she didn't where the pink outfit that was rumored earier but the print is creative. I like the blue runs throughout and is the same color is the AO courts. I think it's bold and creative.

  9. I hate the overall design/fabric; it's stiff and pedestrian but I really like the print.

  10. Oh many time I told you that Clorox is not a detergent!! Look what it did to your cloth : T

  11. johanne: i hate when THAT happens. was it all those Rafalattes kicking back up?

    Pamela: HA! I look at it this way - her personality is so big that IMO she doesn't need loud prints are crazy outfits anymore. She can look really stylish when she keeps it clean + classic - I'm thinking back to Wimbledon too. Loved her look there.

    anon 1:08 - yes the pink was awful, on the same lines as the pepto adidas moment. maybe worse?

    anon 1:19 - the print reminds me of camouflage. maybe that's the goal - her opponents can't see her on the court. All they'll be looking at his a screaming backhand into the face. works like a charm for me.

  12. I never believe Sharapova when she says that she designed her outfits, but this time, I believe Serena. Nobody else would want to take credit for that! And if I were the people who run Pucci, I'd feel insulted.

  13. WHAT is that???

    A serious no-go. Really.


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