Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Scrappy Serena downs Dulko, dumps print for Nike neo-turquoise (phew)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FASHION FIX: Scrappy Serena downs Dulko, dumps print for Nike neo-turquoise (phew)

Like sister V, Serena Williams struggled in her Aussie Open second round match but, unlike sister V, she survived.

The 3-time champ defeated a determined Gisela Dulko 6-3, 7-5 coming back from 0-3 the 3-5 in the second set and saving 6 set points to pull out the match. Interestingly, after giving herself a "D minus" for her performance ReRe was spotted on the practice court honing her game shortly after completing the match and she'll need to: she faces tough Chinese baller Shuai Peng for a spot in the fourth round.

I was thrilled (THRILLED I say) to see ReRe dump that self-designed Nike mess from her first round. However it's still the same style and, without the horrible print, you can really see how the skirt is definitely not in proportion to the top - it looks too short for ReRe and for the outfit in general.

But at least it's in the pretty neo-turquoise color.

Let's hope, for all our sakes, she continues with this choice.

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  1. I love this blue dress much better than that other thing she had on. Now she just needs to do something with that semi-bush hairstyle.

    As far as how she played, well the good thing is she went right back on the practice court after the match. But I think she just took her opponent for granted after the easy first set.


  2. Good point Lisa. She might have taken Gisela for granted which shows some shakiness in her mentality right now.

    *advises ReRe to read her court-side notes more regularly*

    Be prepared to see a more agitated ReRe until, and a big IF, she makes the final. By that point, she's usually dialed in. But it's still a ways to go...

  3. I like the natural style of hair way more than her past hair-styles. I'm not crazy about the giant bandana thing though.

  4. its typical serena williams, shaky in the early rounds, super serious later on past the round of 16, she just needs to clean it up and she'll most def make it to the final....i hope...


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