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Saturday, January 17, 2009

FASHION FIX: Rafa gets powdered + pretty for Nike ad campaign - can you stand it?!

Thanks to DtL reader Maja for this incredible Rafael Nadal find!

Okay Rafanatics: brace yourselves. Your boy took part in a ad campaign photoshoot for Pure Nike's Eugene Track Jacket (which Fed was working in Kooyong this week) and along with images there's an interview with Rafa himself:

What does victory mean to you?
Well, victory is something that I like, but it isn’t everything for me. For me victory is really important, especially in some moments, but it is not everything. Many times if I am playing well, I am satisfied with myself, even if I lose in the end.

Which words would you choose to describe the meaning of victory?
Triumph to do my best

What has been your greatest victory on and off the court?
The final in Wimbledon is the one that caused the greatest stir. And outside the court, I am lucky to have a great family, this is a victory, I guess.

Where you familiar with the photographer Rankin before today’s shooting?
No. It was different from the other shootings, in particular the powder shoot. I had fun - but not now that we have finished because I am full of powder everywhere!

What does Pure Nike mean to you?
Well, Nike is different from the other brands. It is a special brand, always innovative, and I think that this fact, the fact of being so innovative, makes it different from the others.

Is there any athlete that represents Pure Nike for you? And why?
Tiger Woods. I like his image with Nike.

How was the shoot today?
It was really special with all that powder and the set they have built. It has been different from the other shootings, much more fun.

Can you walk us through the sense of victory and what it means to you?
I do not know how to explain it, it deals with feelings hard to describe. I guess, the most important thing is the personal satisfaction, and the excitement that you feel in that special moment.

How was the Olympic victory different from the others?
The victory at the Olympic Games has a special meaning. When you are playing outside Spain, you know that you are representing your country, you are representing Spain. Really, during the Olympic Games, when you are representing Spain at 100 %, it is a very special victory.

And where would you place it in the list of your accomplishments?
I think that I would place the Olympic Games next to the five grand slam titles.

More images below and here. Are you dying yet?!

(images via suhzie)


  1. RICH!!!!!!!!!!! I'M INCOHERENT!!!!!!!

  2. "I had fun - but not now that we have finished because I am full of powder everywhere!"

    I wonder what he means by "everywhere"
    *sings Barbra Streisand to get filthy thoughts out of head*

  3. I wonder if Rafa is jealous that Tiger Woods is Roger's bff.What does Roger feel when he hears Rafa talk about Tiger? Can you picture them fighting over Tiger?


  4. Oh my! Rafa was never my type physically but he's definitely changing and maturing for the better. I might have to start crushing on him instead of just hearting him on the court.

    I do heart him. I hope he shocks them all at the Australian Open.

  5. Now THIS is a Spainiard whose appeal I get! Yummy!!!

  6. Yeah, RiCH! Thanks for posting it :D

  7. Some of these photos are quite good, esp. b&w. By good I mean they managed to capture at least a part of Rafa's charm.

    So far, photographers always made the same mistake with staged photos of him - they were too staged, stilted, unlive and fake.

    His only truly great photos have always been candids and action photos.

    But, some of these here are decent, finally.

  8. Ohhhh yeah i'm dead!!
    Rafa looks like Tarzan with the powder!!!!!!! I really lovethe pix.



    Loving him drenched in powder, not to mention those thighs encased in denim and that irresistible smile!!! GOD HE IS SO DAMN SEXY!!!

    BTW, really like that jacket. Does Rafa come with it?!?!?!?!?!

    *freaks out for indeterminate period of time. loves Rich forever. wonders where the rest of the Rafanatics are*

  10. Now, take a good look at his midriff and his forearms & wrists: rock-solid, wide bone structure and nice, natural muscles. He needed no workout whatsoever to achieve that, he was born with it. His uncle Miguel Angel looks like that even now in his forties.

    On the contrary, Murray had to workout like crazy to start his muscles, and they look unnatural on his puny frame. His bones and joints already have trouble supporting them.

  11. *still can't form proper sentences*

  12. OH.



    Excuse me while I go die from happiness.

  13. holy mother of GOD..i've died and have gone to heaven

  14. OH hohoho heehhe teeehehe hahah hoohoo hahah heehee hohoho heehhe teeehehe hahah hoohoo hahah heehee hohoho heehhe teeehehe hahah hoohoo hahah heehee. I can't stop giggling like a little school girl. Thank the heavens for Rafa =D ... back to ogling and giggling. Bless you, Rich!

  15. He is gorgeous, as we know. Absolutely stunning..and lovely and such a charmer!

    However, this is a culturally specific thing..and Nike reps should've caught it (OK, so we know they're idiots (see ugly court kits for Rafa and hiding guns. Stupid!))..the V when Rafa's palm is towards him?
    Means something totally 'un-victory like' in some parts of the world that I am familiar with:

    Nike should catch that as it is an ad slated for general worldwide release, no?

    If they don't.. dun, dun, dun.. that's incredible irony.

    *steps off soap-boax and continues to drool*

  16. He's absolutely ROCKING those jeans. Amazingly, he looks so svelte and tidy when dressed, but solid and wild...

  17. rafa will also be blogging for TimesOnline starting Sunday for the AO! Prepare stage 2 of full-on Rafanatics assault!

  18. Oh.... oh my god.... Roger cut off his curls.

    I am devastated. This is terrible. I'm going to go curl up and have a good cry now.

    WTF, ROGER?! It looks terrible!!!

  19. *DIES*


  20. HOTTTT!!!!

    Whoever came up with that powder idea was a genius...

    Thanks for the treat, Rich :)

  21. *loses control of all bodily functions*
    *throws powder all over self*
    *waits on naked doubles court for Rafa(so they have on matching *outfits*)*

  22. Oh my god, I love these to death. Rafa getting dusted in red clay - yes!!

    It makes me wonder why the hell I never decided to become a professional photographer. I wasted my life!

  23. SON OF A MOTHER!!!!!!

    I cannot believe I just saw this today! Rich, I truly adore you. It's official now.

    These pictures are.... well, there you go, I'm speechless.
    The powder... oh, he looks so wild and natural.... oh, the treasure trail.... oh, nasty thoughts....

    And I also love the jacket and his cutie smile.... oh, I AM dying....

  24. Hey, boy looks pretty good with all that powder, no?

  25. I want to know from where you got the pictures, because I want to find pictures like these, by Juan Martín Hernández, a rugby player,
    this is my e-mail
    You Answer me!!! (and I'm sorry for my english)


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