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Friday, January 16, 2009

FASHION FIX: Rafa gets more practice in, reveals new Nike gear

Rafael Nadal was spotted on the Melbourne Park practice courts again as he continues to sharpen his game for the first major of the year, the Aussie Open.

The world's top baller also debuted the new Nike Short Sleeve top in white + neo turquoise he'll most likely be wearing during his campaign this fortnight. I'm guessing Rafa's wear-testing the shirt and getting comfortable with it before having to wear it in match play.

Okay here's the negative: it has sleeves! But I do love the bright yet airy feel of the colors and it's fitted enough to still show off his, eh, goods.

I suggest the Matador give the Rafanatics at least one measly shirtless practice before they're forced to watch two weeks of him covered up.

It's only fair.

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  1. Mmmhhhhmmm this is even better than the yellow one. Me lovey the colours. They accentuate his natural tan.

    Also don't hate the basecap look.

    Plus: BICEPS ALARM on the far left picture. My heart is beating so fast right now.

  2. I am typically not a fan of what Rafa wears, but that shirt looks really good ... especially on the the blue courts. If they had it in a polo I would probably buy it.

  3. Dear Rafa... when, oh when will you finally ditch your shirts and go topless? *trys new serenading technique to make him take his shirt off*

    Anyway, the colorway is... um... interesting... It looks good on him (like everthing else) but I'm not totally feeling it right now.
    This will probably first come when I see it in motion... You think he will match it with a pink bandana ;)

  4. Ditto on the far left picture. YOWZA.

    I like this outfit better with the white shorts, not the blue checkered ones they're showing on his website. Feels like too much.

    And even though there's sleeves (sad face), this is Rafa we're talking about and let's be honest: pretty hard for the boy to look bad. Now take off your f*cking clothes and let's do this :D

    Thanks for my morning dose of the Matador. It's 17degrees(F) below in Chicago right now and this is definitely helping me warm up. Gracias!!

  5. "Rafa, Don Johnson from the 80's called. He want his Miami Vice T-shirt back!!"

  6. Rafa babe,

    Please do not say I did not warn you. I am buying my ticket online right now to Melbourne. Please be ready to be stripped down by my teeth, and wear something.. really thin. Wet is my preference. And white.


    p.s - I know you totally did it on purpose. You are longing for me to strip you down with my teeth, lick you between the torn fabric, and all those naughty things I do. Baaaad Rafa. Bad boy.

  7. Incredible, anybody else wearing this Miami Vice/Ken doll/sorbetto shirt would look at least mildly ridiculous, and Rafa looks actually great. He works that shirt, the shirt is not taking him over.

    Now I'm positive he would look good in anything. That's what being confident in your own skin does.

  8. He looks great, but I hate the color pink. I mean I HATE PINK!!! Rafa, how could you? Just for that, I'm withdrawing from naked doubles with you.

    Oh, who am I kidding?
    *takes off clothes*
    *waits on doubles court*
    Hmmmm...I think I'm going to need a higher SPF for certain parts...

  9. *pops the top off her sunscreen bottle and shares with natch*

  10. Miami Vice - LOL!

    I'm wondering about the check shorts too. He's yet to wear them so maybe he also thinks it's too much - the bright t-shirt, the check shorts, the bright sneakers.

    And screw the sunscreen - throw on some of that oil + balsamic dipping sauce. Just ask Rafa about it. I mean, how do you think he gets that golden brown look? And it's lickable.

  11. Actually, Rafa likes to wear pink off court.

    Remember these with his birthday cake at RG 2007:

    Now, which is yummier: that little chocolate racquet or Rafa?

  12. Anon 1.25

    Yes, I have noticed that he does wear a lot of pink.

    This is terrible. I have to choose between Rafa and the choco racquet while I'm PMS-ing???

    *bites pinky fingernail*

  13. How can I phrase this without sounding like a perv ... Ah, forget it: Rafa's displaying some nice "package" in his new tighter shorts ... Me likee.

    *scampers away red-faced*

  14. anon 1:25/babz - how about Rafa jumping out of the choco cake (yeah that ones too small but just imagine) covered in chocolate and icing. would he be considered edible then?

    anon 3:02 - i believe pervs are welcomed here too

    *checks DtL membership application*

    yeah, in fact the fine print clearly states its a pre-requisite. perv on anon. you have my blessing.

  15. yeah, i don't think Rafa needs any chocolate cake to be considered edible. at least not for this rabid rafanatic. i'd find more than one way to devour that bod, believe you me.

    sorry, had to get my perv on ;)

  16. I for one would object to seeing Rafa dipped in Chocolate as long as I get a bite LOL I like the top the colours are very nice but it will be odd seeing him play without his usual sleevless apparel.

  17. oh man, the mens side...I am gonna consider djokovic out, and federer has not had a good start to the year, BUT I think we all know the grandslams are on such a different level than regular season tournamnets. True season champs can shine in grandslams, even though they may have rough tournaments..and its difficult to say that a Murray, or Gulbis can take it. Its five sets now and people are pushed to the limit, and I dont know if Murray can control his emotions when things get tight...I am rooting for roddick of course, but to see Murray win would be cool too.

  18. Wow! the color is pretty in pink and in baby blue........

    wow, rafa is babylicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Babylicious ahahaha Totally agree!! Nothing better ;-)


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