Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED)FASHION FIX: Rafa crushes Kolya while stylish evolution begins - can you handle it?

Friday, January 2, 2009

(UPDATED)FASHION FIX: Rafa crushes Kolya while stylish evolution begins - can you handle it?

Okay Rafanatics - brace yourselves.

The evolution of Rafael Nadal's style is officially beginning but isn't complete just yet. He's still working the Nike Cages (which will be replaced with the new-fangled Air Max Courtballistecs - so exciting!) but he's finally broken out the Bold Stripe Polo Shirt from their Holiday Collection and the Longer Length Short in white on-court (which we saw him practice in recently.)

It seems the top baller's trademark sleeveless and capri shorts have been sent to pasture (or eBay) for good. Can you stand it?

(Hello headlights!)

Oh yeah, the match: Rafa will be facing Brit baller Andy Murray in the final of the Abu Dhabi exo after he crushed Nikolay Davydenko 6-2, 6-3 and Andy outlasted a facetious Roger Federer earlier in the day.

Great start to the year boys!

PS - Here's a post-match interview from today showing the duds (and Rafa) in full glory.


UPDATE: Here's more video this time from the pre-match moments showing Rafa preparing for the battle working the Trend Long Sleeve Coverup in white that I previewed back in November!

(images via KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images)


  1. Isn't he adorable? Aww! I love it. You can still see the bulge of those biceps, so he's not completely tamed.

  2. Yes very adore - and I LOVE that polo still. I'm excited about the new style - we all know what's lurking underneatch or can use our very vivid imaginations.

    That never hurts.

  3. He's such a cutie...
    The shirt new outfit looks great on him. Much better than I expected it to be!
    But I guess I'll have to see it in some more fist-pumping (biceps showing) motion before I can say that I love it as much as his old look.

  4. I'm down with the new attire - I think he looks gorgeous!! Loving the playful biting of his tongue in that 3rd pic AND the way the shirt is hugging his bicep, of course :D

    He seems so happy in the video too. Great to see him enjoying himself on court instead of bored to death in a press conference, HA!! Nice start to the new season. VAMOS RAFA!!

  5. Nooooooo! Say it aint so! Bring back the old clothes!! Really hate the new image/clothes.

    Vamos Rafa!

  6. One mango sorbetto coming right up!

    Brash & loud, but refreshing. And he wears it well. Heck, he will wear a gunny sack well.

    And, he played some aggresive, attacking tennis, what's more important.

  7. Seriously y'all - I can't wait to get my grubby mits on the new Air Max Courtballistecs as well. I love the Nike Air Max anyway and now that they made them for tennis I could just die. Well, I really shouldn't - who would write this blog???

  8. He looks so cute and fresh in this outfit! I seriously love it. The lack of bare arms is still sad though and I think Rafa forgets. I spotted him towelling his shirt sleeves at one point!

    The shorts wow me! I just cannot get over how well they show off his, er, 'form'. Well done Nike.

  9. Please, please keep this look, Rafa! The polo shirt suits you well.

  10. Yu-huuuummmmmmm.... gotta adore the new look.

    My fave picture is the third one. Is that his tongue, for crying out loud?!?!

    Alright I'll be passing out now....


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