Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa bounces Roko in Melbourne, reveals Nike "dayfit"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa bounces Roko in Melbourne, reveals Nike "dayfit"

Rafael Nadal debuted his Nike "dayfit" in Melbourne today while easily defeating Croat Roko Karanusic (and a few of his other personalites) 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, continuing the solid form he showed off in his first rounder. The Mallorcan Matador cracked 24 winners against 17 errors, 68% success on first serve deliveries, and 19 of 26 net approaches. He'll face tough veteran Tommy Haas for a place in the fourth round.

So, we all saw this "fun, bright, playful, sexy" Rafa in a practice session recently (though he's working the Long Checked Short in neo-turquoise now) and it's good to see him bust out these duds for match play even though some oppose the pink.

But don't be fooled Rafanatics: underneath all that sunshine "dark, brooding, stealthy, sexy" Rafa for those night moments was still fighting to come out and play. *gasp*

UPDATE: Rafa was asked about his new Nike stylings in his post-match presser:

Q. There's a lot of interest in your new outfits. Some of your fans on the websites don't seem to like them too much, your clothes. Do you like the change of image?
RAFAEL NADAL: What happened? The fans didn't like?

Q. Some of them don't.
RAFAEL NADAL: Sorry (laughter). I don't know.

No, I am feeling okay. I am feeling well. For sure, when you have a change, some people like, other people don't like. For sure with the sleeveless, not everybody like the sleeveless. Right now gonna be the same, no?

But, anyway, is a change. But I feel good like this. Important thing in the end is not the clothes; is the ball and racquet and play well.
Yes Matador, it's always about balls and a good racquet, no?

UPDATE #2: Thanks to DtL reader Miri for the video link to the above mentioned post-match presser. It's pretty funny. *wishes to be at all Rafapressers* CHECK IT.

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  1. what about his shoes? they're looking different?

  2. his bandana doesn't match his outfit. someone please hand him a turquoise bandana.

  3. They're not the Air Max Courtballistecs but I believe another colorway in his usual Cages.

    They matched his outfit so I believe they were designed for him specifically with these outfits in mind.

    La Monf is wearing the Air Max's right now.

  4. anon 11:53 - NO NO NO! That would be too much turquoise because he's have to then wear turquoise wristbands too.

    I prefer the contrast - maybe another color besides the light green like navy, grey - but not more turquoise.

  5. I like the black ones from his night session outfit! anyway, the whole night session outfit is really cool!

  6. "his bandana doesn't match his outfit. someone please hand him a turquoise bandana."

    Huh? It matches his wristbands.


    *sends kisses to Rafa, you hot man you*

  7. What was this post about again?? I'm too busy staring at those Rafabs :D HOT DAMN!!

    *take cold shower*

  8. >>Yes Matador, it's always about balls and a good racquet, no?<<

    That made me lol! (And blush, and have dirty images...)

    Gosh, I love that first picture! Rafa is such a tease... *wishes the shirt would have slipped a littler higher*

  9. johanne: Rafabs! LOVE. time (with your permission of course)

    maja: it seems the biggest benefit of these new shirts is that they seem a bit shorter (maybe) than the sleeveless numbers and so we're treated to more flashes of skin.

    Oh well - more reason to retire the sleeveless.

    *starts letter-writing campaign to shelve sleeveless wear*

  10. >>it seems the biggest benefit of these new shirts is that they seem a bit shorter (maybe) than the sleeveless numbers and so we're treated to more flashes of skin.<<

    You're missing the obvious. We treated to more flashes of gluteous maximus. The shirt doesn't even cover that area. *faints*

    Now, I need some intensive therapy. I've booked my therapist for all day today. Because tomorrow...tomorrow is Rafa against Tommy Haas. My two favorite men. Physically perfect versus perfectly physical.

  11. >>*wishes the shirt would have slipped a littler higher*<<
    Shirt? I was trying to look up his shorts.

  12. RiCH: of course! btw, that post-match presser was too cute. really wish they posted the videos on their website, seems like everyone was laughin' it up in there :)

    natch: totally agree about the glute's a whole new perspective for us. and i like what i see.

  13. >>Shirt? I was trying to look up his shorts<<

    I just couldn't get my eyes off his abs!
    But now that you mention it...

    Hot damn!

  14. jo,maja,
    Me likey a LOT. It was the first thing I noticed about his new togs. HD Rafass. 'Nuff said.

  15. OK I just had the hardest time reading the actual post.

    The pictures are madness - MADNESS I tell you!!

    First pic: Oh, the Rafabs (love it jo!), the treasure trail, and it does seem his shorts have trouble keeping it all... you know... in.
    I totally could see myself licking the abs and maybe taking a trip to the south, IYKWIM...

    Second pic: This is how I imagine his face after I've taken the trip down south, you know...

    *heart races real fast*
    *drooooooooooooool* *hyperventilate*

    Sorry if this got too porn, I'm outta control here.... o_O

  16. natch: so jealous of your HOT DEFINITION! LOL...i can't even imagine! *faints*

    sonja: that was filthy! and i loved every second of it! ;)

  17. filthy is as filthy does...and i think we do

    Yes the new outfit showcases everything much better and in HD it's all just overwhelming.

    *enters RafaTrance on memory of match alone*
    *comes to*

    Now we def need to see RafaHD in white shorts - TO DIE. And the ass-ets from the side, you could ski off that shite. And I just might.

  18. sonja,
    have you been reading my diary, too? ;) I guess we all write the same thing down every day...
    ...and yep, something sure is flopping and twitching quite visably when he plays. Babz! I cry for you. Do you have a slingbox? maybe we could hook you up that way?

    Alright guys, my therapist says I will need help from everyone to get through the RafaHaatness match tomorrow. At first I thought my dream was coming true of them entering the naked doubles competition. Alas...
    *returns to convulsing in preparation*

  19. Apparently we all have the same sickness. Rafa is so contagious...

    Can we sue him?? ;-)

  20. Those who have not seen the man up close... YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!

    Saw him in practice today and I just about DIED!

  21. CJ: do tell! what were your impressions??

  22. CJ: I'm so incredibly jealous of your good fortune! Give us all the juicy details so we can live vicariously through you!! :D

  23. Well, he's everything that we see on TV and pics and more. Warm golden skin, nice handsome features, well-defined *ahem* assets... but I think it's his presence more than anything. I saw Djokovic, Verdasco, Safin et al up close during the week... they're all hot, but I gotta tell you it's a different feeling when you see Rafa. There something about the boy.

    He's very intense, very focused in practice. He hardly cracked a smile in the beginning but when he finally did, you certainly get this feeling of "Yep, you know what? That's all I really came for."

    Honestly, guys... you ALMOST forgive him for depriving us of shirtless practice pics. Up close you realize why... it's just too much for anyone to handle!! So, he's actually just thinking about our health, I think. LOL

    Plus he's a complete sweetie. You ask him for a ball, a towel... if he can give it to you, he just hands it over complete with a signature. Poor boy was SWARMED yesterday, though... he needed at least 10 security guards to help him leave the area!

  24. CJ: LOVE IT. Thanks for the on-the-ground Rafaporting.

    It's everything I would imagine especially the security - you know how rabid the Rafantics are.

    I wonder what else he'd be willing to give up if asked...

    *dusts off laundry list of Rafaquests*

    any pics or do you have a flickr page? i'd surely post them and credit/link to you of course.

  25. RiCH: LMAO! His name is too fun.

    CJ: That info is almost too much to handle! It's Rafawesome!! LOL. As a rabid Rafanatic, I really hope I wouldn't be one of those really annoying ones, where I'm like openly freaking the F out over seeing him, and everyone else is like "OMFG get it together weirdo!" Embarrassing :( Whatever. It's worth the risk. Must. See. In person. ASAP.

    T minus how many hours till Rafa's match?!?!

  26. You're welcome. :) Love this blog, Rich, by the way!

    I tried my best to get some decent shots. I will definitely invest in a good camera next time around!! Or you know, try to beat all the rabid Aussie Rafanatics to the practice courts. Haha!


  27. Oops! For some reason, the full link won't paste correctly.

    Just follow that one and click on "Rafa_in_Training" on the sidebar. :)

  28. Here's an adorable clip from the presser where he's talking about the clothes:

  29. Thanks for the Rafaport, CJ! It sounds so awesome... he really is special!

    Ah, would he hand over his, um, shorty shorts to me? I wonder...

    BTW, the video is SOOOO cute. "Fans didn't like?" Awww! And how he goes all: It's not about the clothes, people!
    That's right Rafa, so why bother wearing any??


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