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Monday, January 19, 2009

FASHION FIX: Maria K still struggling with her tennis and her style

Maria Kirilenko seems to be going the way of Agnes Szavay.

The once rising Russian was quickly ushered out of the Aussie Open first round today by Italy's Sara Errani 6-0 6-4 in a paltry 91 minutes. In fact, Maria K hasn't even seen beyond the second round of any tourney since winning the title in Seoul last September. What gives?

Anyway, the soon-to-be 22-year old (January 25) is, of course, working adidas by Stella McCartney from the designer's Spring 2009 Collection. The baby-doll style is similar to JJ's ANTA dress but at least this one looks made of more substantial fabric (read: doesn't look flimsy, won't fall apart) though I prefer the color of the Serb's choice. The pink fluorescent piping on the straps, however, is a nice touch as is the intricate detailing at the hem.

I'm sure it's very comfortable to wear in the searing Aussie heat but I'm not really feeling this look. Maria K is dressed like she should be sleepwalking her way to a lady baller slumber party and not onto the courts of a major tourney.

Maybe that's why she's out.

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  1. I actually love Maria's dress and would put it in my all time favourites. Its so pretty and feminine. I only wish she was a better player inside the top 20. With her looks and different style she would be so much bigger than she is right now. ATM she is looking like a liability for Adidas and Stella.

  2. Sarah: I wonder where she's headed - it's really hard to tell. I don't know if just needs to shake things up a bit or if she's really just hit a ceiling with her talent.

    She's not a big, strong girl so she needs her wheels. Could fitness be a factor? She went from being a decent run and winning Seoul to dropping off the planet.

  3. I hope Maria is going to figure out what she needs to do in order to win matches and in the process makes her a marketing powerhouse for stella mc cartney and adidas.

    She wins a lot of matches and makes a statement in the grand slams for sure she would make a lot of headlines and make ana ivanovic a second fiddle is the adidas pool of players.

    i couldn't imagine anyone wearing her outfit.

    it's so fashionable.....

  4. I don't know about her game, but her handlers are definitely brilliant. How they got a non-top-tenner the exclusive Stella McCartney&Adidas deal over a number one, grand slam winning beauty like Ana Ivanovic I'll never know but I give them props. Ana Ivanovic needs to find people like them instead of the pimp who makes her dress like a whored out pageant contestant.


  5. Yeah it still boggles my mind how Kiri got the sponsorship at all. I remember she came around a little bit, but not much, before Ana and people thought she was the hottest thing (in every way.) So maybe it was more a matter of timing, plus Stella obvs has much to say on who wears her stuff. It could be, at that time, Kiri was who adidas was pushing.

    She's def prettier than Ana IMO.

  6. Maria prettier then Ana?Really?
    I don't see it.
    She has rabbit theeth, and nothing else is special about her.
    Not beautiful eyes like Ana's.
    Not beautiful smile like Ana's.
    Nowhere near gorgeous hair like Ana's.
    So bascily she's just cute girl,in opposite to true beauty Ana Ivanovic.
    And yeah, IMO.
    ps.She's too weak, and her body can't handle three setter.
    She fells apart just as she should pull some extra strength to win a match.She just can't put up with tough matches, and I don't see she'll actually find a way how to reach TOP 20.
    Girls tennis is nowadays based so much on power, and flat, tough strokes, she can't handle that.
    Maybe she should hire Carlos Rodriguez.
    But Henin is just one, as we all know.So doubt even he would help her.
    But actually, I don't even notice and pay attention to Marikiri.
    She's not pretty as Kournikova to be in a spotlight without good results.And her game is weak.Basicly, all she has that's interesting is her sponsorship with Stella.And she is so unsecure and shy when interviewed, I just don't like her at all.
    Tennis needs powerfull and extroverted personas.Marikiri is just blah.
    But there are many newcomers like Stephanie Voegel, or that girl in Elle, forgot her name.There's gonna be more pretty girls, hopefully with good game.
    Talking of pretty tennis girls,I actually think Mathilde Johansson is really pretty!To bad her results are worse then Marikiri's.

  7. well kirilenko's game can be compared to hingis's. kirilenko doesn't always have the power to knock her opponents off the court but when her groundstrokes are clean and crisp, she can force her opponents to make errors. i really just think her confidence has taken a major hit, hopefully she can pick it up

  8. Tessa: LMAO! I love the passion for sure. Ummm - Kiri is petite and more girlie than Ana, who can look hard in some photos. But Ana is more exotic looking, dark features and all.

    Kiri will never have the game of a power baseliner obvs but something like a Hingis as anon said (though she's not as crafty or as good at the net as Marty either.) I still say she could get stronger (they all could besides V & ReRe I think), that never hurts.

    But you guys tell me: do you think the some lady ballers fear getting to bulky or muscular for fear of looking to mannish???

  9. Well, I really can't see how'S Makiri prettier then Ana.And I'm awake watching Aussie, so lemme me write an essay, so what?:)
    Well,I don't think they particularly fear(Serena definetly doesn't, she's already there), but probably they all wouldn't want their bodies to develop in that way.
    And women tennis players are not to muscular, they have great bodies, and fitness and all that stuff they do, they do it in a way it suits their body type, I think they all got it by now, to work for them, not against them.
    But for example Kournikova hated her body, and broad shoulders, and look what she did?Lost so much weight she looked like a skeleton last year.
    But basicly, they all got great bodies, nothing to worry about.Except ReRe.But it's the body type, more then fitness.I'm watching Rere right now playing, serving for the match.

  10. i personally like kirilenko, i remember she took out chak last year in the third round. it's unfortunate she lost so early this year. her volleying is not hingis-caliber but she can definitely hold her own. her stroke production is so refined, she can produce great shots despite her petite frame.

    maria and ana are definitely attractive, but in different way. maria is more feminine and cute, i love ana in those natural photos though

  11. Tessa: Speaking of ReRe what was up with that Nike dress? It's the same style that's been online but def a different color or colors. It looks like she fell in a bucket of paint.

    I'll def be doing a fashion fix on that number.

    anon: agreed - Natural Ana is the best Ana. NO MORE PAGEANT GOWNS WITH MATCHING PAGEANT HAIR - UGH.

  12. Kirilenko has a killer body, Ivanovic has no breasts and waist, just cute girl-next-door smile.

  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but Maria has only won tier II/III tournaments (can't remember what they're called now) but having said that that's more than a lot of other players. But she's not really a threat at the grand slams unless she has a good run.

  14. @TO:I don't quite see it.She rather looks childish then girlish.Considering body.And Kirilenko also has no breasts.

  15. Kirilenko has definitely a better body than Ivanovic. Tessa, it's funny that nobody can criticize Murray's body but that you can criticize Kirilenko's so easily. I don't think she's breathtaking, but she's definitely beautiful.

  16. I also love this outfit..I would love to wear it. Yeah, Maria is a small girl, that's why she'll never be in the top 10 or's all about size and power these days.
    But is it me, or it looks like she got a boob job?..just looked closer at her chest..I've seen skinny girls
    with boob jobs, and they look just like that..

  17. irene.s: you mean they stand up kinda straight, at attention???

  18. anon2:20 I'm really struggleing to see Mairikiris exceptional looks.And when someone sais she's prettier then Ana, struggle some more.But ofcourse this is matter of perception and taste.
    Murray's body?By the book perfection.Inch by inch.Period.

  19. Murray's face? Far from perfection. Period. I don't mind how hot his body is, his face ruins it.

  20. To me Andy is completely cute, his face is charming, and goffy!I like it!
    His not Safin perfect but neither is Rafa!My mom always sais Rafa looks like Mowgli, but still both of them,Andy and Rafa, are hot, atleast to me!
    Our pretty surfer Korolev just received a Fed tennis lesson!Bye bye Evgeny!


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