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Monday, January 19, 2009

FASHION FIX: JJ defeats Yvonne, debuts an ANTA dud in Melbourne

Jelena Jankovic got off to a flyer in Melbourne today. The top lady baller easily dismissed Yvonne Meusburger 6-1, 6-3 in the Aussie Open first round hitting 27 winners against 24 errors and keeping 73% first serve percentage - nice. She'll face Belgian Kirsten Flipkens in round two.

Some of my anticipation and curiosity was settled earlier yesterday when JJ announced her new sponsorship with ANTA via her website yesterday. But I still was very excited to see what incredible fashions the top baller in the world would debut in the first Grand Slam of the year.

To say I was disappointed (and I did) to see JJ walk out in this boring green sheet would be an understatement. WTF?!

I like the color - it's bright, summery, and perfect for the season. The element of fun infused her past duds, however, is def missing (plus the sweat marks are unsightly.) Don't get me wrong, I didn't particularly love the past "designs" of her other fashions, but there was something carefree and humorous about them nonetheless.

This one? MEH.

Onto Round 2.

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  1. Looks like her pink Reebok frock, only in green. Any news on her racket?

  2. The good news: Jelena played very well.
    The bad news: The dress was ugly. Pictures make it look better than TV did. It looked cheaply made and badly fitted.

    It's annoying how sponsors are dressing the Serb girls. I don't like Ivanovic's dress either. Nice color but I don't get the design. It's lopsided, unintentionally showing one of her bra straps.....and boy did she play crappy. That serve! She needs to improve quick or she's out by the 3rd round.


  3. Given Jankovic's past fashion choices (both on & off the court) I was looking forward to seeing her new duds. Yuck. While the colour is bright and sunny I thought there was too much of it; would have been better as an accent. Plus, the dress looked cheap and like badly fitting lingerie.

  4. It looks really flimsy and looked like it was rushed out just yesterday. Dress could do with a bit more details.

  5. I agree with Lisa as far as JJ playing well. She looked really fit and confident which is great to see. If she keeps playing like this, I really like her chances here :)

    Onto the dress...I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, like most have said, I really do like the color. And even her sweatbands were fun and sporty. Where I have the most trouble is that it looked like a damn maternity dress - lots of excess flowy fabric. And then the bustline looked all jacked up. I was uncomfortable just watching her play because it looked like the support lines were going across her nipples, and not UNDER her bust. Sorry for the detail, but seriously, wtf was that about?!

  6. Color was alright, but it really did look like a maternity dress. Also, you can't have spaghetti straps, even if they cross in back like JJ's did, on athletic wear. As you sweat, the straps stretch and provide you with a worse-fitting, less support dress. That's why she kept tugging around the bust. wtf is up with whoever at Anta designed that thing?

  7. The first things I thought when she walked out was: "That's it?!" and "Cheap."

    I really was completely underwhelmed by the entire design. Color = fine.

    But it does look like a nighty or something and it seems very flimsy like the straps could just break. Of course then we'd have a whole other sport going on but I guess if the boys can go topless...

    *imagines naked, sweaty Grand Slam tourney*

  8. >>*imagines naked, sweaty Grand Slam tourney*<<

    Listen, I may as well broadcast my therapy sessions if EVERYBODY is going to listen in on them...;)

  9. Please do a post on Maria Kirilenko's outfit even though she has been knocked out in the first round. I'm assuming it is still the Stella McCartney's line and it is FABULOUS.

  10. natch: does your therapist do group "sessions"? i'm in.

    *starts collection for therapist fee*

    anon: yup on the (long) list! it is, in fact, Stella.

  11. It looks like old lady lingerie.


  12. I like the color but the style is so plain Jane...I mean plain Jelena :-)

  13. Its a little plain but its definatly not ugly. Im sure we will get more flashy outfits down the track. She probably had no input into this one.


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