Google Down the Line!: Bart overwhelms JJ, reaches first Aussie Open quarterfinal

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bart overwhelms JJ, reaches first Aussie Open quarterfinal

Marion Bartoli wasn't overawed by playing against the world's top lady baller in Melbourne and it showed.

The Frenchie reached her first quarterfinal at the Aussie Open, outhitting an out-of-sorts Jelena Jankovic and stunning the top seed 6-1, 6-4 by swatting 34 winners against only 17 for her Serbian foe. She'll face Russian Vera Zvonareva (who defeated Nadia Petrova) for a spot in the final four.

Bart, who famously upset then World No.1 Justine Henin in 2007 to reach her first Wimbledon final, knew she had a chance to come out on top in this matchup:

You know, I was really confident because I played really well my last match against Safarova. I knew I could beat Jelena on a good day, it was just a matter of executing it, you know, play the right shot at the right time and doesn't make too much mistake. But I was not overwhelmed by the situation, and I just went for my shot and everything went in today. It was just a great match.
JJ's loss follows the shock, early round exits this week of Venus Williams + Ana Ivanovic from the year's first major.

Great win for Bart - no question - but JJ was clearly off her game here. I suppose the lack of preparation finally caught up with her and she'll likely be losing the keys to the WTA Penthouse as well.

So the big questions now is: WHO REALLY WANTS THIS THING?

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  1. So the big questions now is: WHO REALLY WANTS THIS THING?

    I DO!! forget those bitches, give the keys to me! lol

    This is becoming pathetic. Both the women's and men's draws have become somewhat unpredictable. However for the men it's because they currently have an incredible depth. For the women they've a really shitty shallowness. They all suck. Serena is the only one who can kinda keep it together but she has had early exits too. I wish Justine hadn't retired. Even if you didn't like her, there was no question who wanted it most and who deserved the #1 spot.


  2. My vote is on Serena for the one who will move into the penthouse.
    She already feels like No.1 and there's no way she could stand seeing Safina or Dementieva being ranked higher than her! Plus it's 2009, so Serena for the title!

    But: I don't know about the points situation and I think that it would be enough for Dina to reach the semis or final to make the top spot and she is (next to Rena) the only one who openly says that she wants those damn keys!

  3. I gave up on Ana last year when she stated publicly she couldn't handle the pressure. I held out for JJ because I like her so much. But she just proved she'll never get it together mentally, either. I know it's hard. I'm sure I would probably be a choker, too, but then, I didn't choose tennis as my profession. Stop breaking my heart! Lisa's right about Justine. Not the best sport in the world, but at least she wanted it.

    I just hope Bartoli wins another round (at least). Don't knock off the #1 seed and then go away.

  4. Anon: "I wish Justine hadn't retired. Even if you didn't like her, there was no question who wanted it most and who deserved the #1 spot."

    Absolutely!! Couldn't agree more.

    At the moment the No. 1 spot in the ladies' game is only for who sucks the least.

    PS: I CANNOT STAND Bartoli. Just had to get that out of my system. LOL

  5. Yes, I want someone one to say, "I want to be No.1, I deserve to be No.1, and I'll kick serious lady baller arse to get there. No question."

    True enough about Justine: she wanted it, was honest about it, worked extremely hard to get there AND stay there, and showed realy disappointment when she lost - because she cared.

    I don't know if anyone saw any of Ana's post-match presser, but she had just gotten shown up by a youngster and she's sitting there smiling, talking about how she'll learn from this, "what won't kill you makes you stronger", blah blah blah. Nice sentiments but where's the real disappointment and determination to put her nose to the ground, block out distractions, and get to the real work???

    That just about made me LMFAO - I want to feel like they feel something about the loss, not sit there and spout media talking points.


  6. Not terribly shocked JJ lost. Just disappointed. Ugh.

    sonja: I cannot stand Bartoli either!

  7. >>"I want to be No.1, I deserve to be No.1, and I'll kick serious lady baller arse to get there. No question."<<

    That sound like straight out of an Serena pk!
    I just wish she would back up her words and finally dominate again!

    Justine is gone, Masha is MIA & the serbs are sliding waaayy down!

  8. Why do you guys hate Bartoli?

  9. For the people that goes to the WTAforum they should change the "Serbian Sensations" section title to "Serbian Frustrations".

    Don't know why so many people don't like Bartoli..trying to figure out, but don't see it. She is pretty sweet girl, very much in her own world and doesn't mess with anybody. For me I see her like the real girl next door that cook the best pasta and invite you all weekends to watch some movies.

    You guys/girls never had a friend like that?

  10. Uvijek,
    HA! Nice description. I honestly don't know that much about her, because I mainly focus on Rafa...I mean, the men. But I wish her well for the rest of the AO.

  11. For me, Bart doesn't really make an impact with her game or personality, from what I've seen.

    Her game is quirky but not interesting and she's said some sketchy things publicly like this gem:

    But clearly she's a determined woman and is making the most of her game. Good on her then.

  12. Vera will take care of Bart.

  13. People give Bartoli a hard time because she beat Henin at Wimbledon. It's not like Henin had a chance to beat Venus, in fact they should thank her for saving Henin from yet another Wimbledon disappointment. Bartoli is nice, I don't see her doing much damage on the tour, but she's in better shape now. Who knows?

  14. Anon 3:44, who said something about hate? I just don't like her. That's only my opinion.

    And as for the "why?": Thank you Rich, you've just answered this question for me - that Rafa quote is exactly what disqualified her for me.

    You don't go lashing out against my boy and get away with it! This is a Rabid Rafanatic talking after all - I'm like the Mafia that way: You screw up once, you pay forever. LOL

  15. Aw, sonja, everyone can have an opinion, can't they? So she doesn't like Rafa. More time for her to buy a girdle (or stop wearing shirts that tight) and for him to focus on naked doubles. It's win/win! Everybody's happy.

  16. augh, my girls (ana and JJ) are out of the aussie open. you know, when pictures of JJ working hard during the off-season came out, i was really hoping that it would not blow on her face. i don't know if she overtrained, still ill or whatever but looking at her game yesterday, her serve was still weak and it seems that she's still the same JJ as last year (no marked improvements). i don't know if that will be enough for her to win a slam this year. as for ana, sven said in an interview that her thumb injury from last year did more damage than expected. they changed her grip and her serve. those could explain the technical problems in her game. however, the girl really has to toughen up mentally and find a full time coach ASAP.


  17. "Everyone can have an opinion, can't they?"

    That is in fact true. So can I, right??

  18. Rich: Despite Ana's sunny and positive words in her post match presser there was real disappointment after her loss. It was reported that when she came in she looked like she had been crying. I think her tendency to see the 'glass as half full' is just her personality. I think she's also willing to put in the hard work; look at how she improved her fitness. She herself has said that it is time to hire a full-time coach asap. According to an article in the Australian she is on holidays now but close to picking a coach. She realizes that her game needs direction and wants someone to travel with her full-time and to be court side.

  19. Aw, sonja. Of course you can. But you slammed Bartoli for hers, via your Rafia. ;) I still say let her be mean and focus her time on that girdle. Don't let her get under your skin like that. *waves hippie flag*

  20. No worries natch, there's noone under my skin except myself. Don't take my post all too seriously, I was pretty much kidding. And I surely wasn't expecting all this drama. LOL


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