Google Down the Line!: Aussie Open officials afraid of boobs + butts, will scrutinize "skimpy" lady baller fashions

Monday, January 12, 2009

Aussie Open officials afraid of boobs + butts, will scrutinize "skimpy" lady baller fashions

Thanks to DtL reader Allison for this latest Aussie Open news!

Note to the trashy lady ballers in Melbourne: BEWARE.

Tourney officials have threatened to slap fines of up to $2000 on anyone sporting duds they consider to be "skimpy" after Alize Cornet caused a stir by wearing a supposed "see-through top" during a Hopman Cup doubles match last week.

The Frenchie may have realized something was up because she donned a towel during a post-match on-court interview with partner Gilles Simon:

("Alize, did you wear that top to show off your headlights?"

"No, that wasn't the point. Ha! Get it? 'The point, 'headlights'. So crazy...")

Officials have promised to scrutinize the ladies' outfits for the year's first major according to referee Wayne McKewen:
They should be dressed in what we say is tennis attire.
Whatevs. I can deal with a little boob + butt but I can't deal with arbitrary rules like what they're proposing.

I'm more concerned about who's going to save us from looking at crap like this for two weeks (no offense Nads, nice to see you back!):

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  1. Oh come on... I consider Serena's bodypainted catsuits to be more vulgar than that! This is so lame.

  2. I'm afraid of Cornet. She's got Michael Jackson's lost nose somehow.

  3. Like this is the first instance of a little THO! I'm sure. Next they'll be fining Rafa for his wedgie picks. I say as long as nothing's flying out for the kiddies to see, green light it. Even the terrible outfits :)

    Rich: Can you imagine if Nads and Stepanek were to team up?? That would be horrendous!! (fashion wise) :D

  4. And how about Nadia in the last picture: she switched from adidas to airness in '07, at wimbledon '08she was wearing eleVen by Venus, a few weeks later she was with Babolat and now she's with Ellesse. Sick! And the big problem is: All of those previous duds were soooo ugly!

  5. LOL!! That's too funny! I don't think Alize's outfit was that revealing.
    I've seen wore stuff. Just think Masha's 06 maternity mini / babydoll dress...
    I just hope they won't be so strict at all tourneys or Masha will never able to step on a court again...

  6. Nevermind Sharapova, Bethanie Mattek would have to find a new sport.

  7. I was actually a wee bit taken aback by Alize's top during the first Hopman Cup mixed doubles. Her bra cups were showing about 25% of the time. I am not a prude- and thought Serena's cat suit was funny more than anything else- but I thought Alize's bra- show was a little too much.

  8. Alize is French for goodness sakes! Topless is a way of life. The Aussies are showing cultural prejudice, for sure.

    I think they should ban Rafa from wearing sleeves. Don't like the new covered up look one bit. . .

  9. This rule screams:
    Do you hear us, Bethany??!!!


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