Google Down the Line!: Anando no more: Ana reportedly dumps Nando in Queensland

Monday, January 19, 2009

Anando no more: Ana reportedly dumps Nando in Queensland

Anando is no more. Boo.

Matt Cronin for is reporting Ana Ivanovic + Fernando Verdasco have split. A friend of the Serb confirmed Ana broke up with her boy toy during the Brisbane International in Queensland, where she fell to Amelie Mauresmo.

Color me (not) shocked. I mean, from a PR standpoint it was a good move for Nando but it did nothing for Ana besides becoming a major distraction.

But could it also have something to do with his recent hairy situation? If so, I DEF don't blame her.

Bad hair kills. Seriously.

(FOXSports via Forty Deuce)


  1. Probably she met Radek The Worm and got weak in the knees like every women!

  2. Ha! Funny!

    Word of advice Ana: Keep your next boyfriend under wraps for a while okay love? And avoid guys who could use a PR boost.

  3. Toldja.

    This pairing is impossible - impossible is nothing. Makes a new interesting sentence no?

    I'm telling you. He didn't even get 3rd base.

  4. T.O. - we need some stalkeratti shots of the worm's worm. i think we all deserve proof at this point. maybe it's a double-head worm?

    JadeFoxxy: seriously. even though we're on different teams, i could use some PR too for DtL. anyone have her digits?

    babz: what's 3rd base? i've only been to home.

    *burns princess diaries*

  5. Why, Rich, I wouldn't know! I keep telling everyone I'm saving for marriage.

    *comment met by pindrop silence*

  6. : we need some stalkeratti shots of the worm's worm:

    I think my ovaries just squirmed, shrank and hid itself. Oh. My. Gross.

  7. Maybe *that* worm is an anaconda!

  8. Yeah, even during some awful drought I'd pass on the Worm. NO THANK YOU, I'll handle this myself.


  9. I'm dying, DYING I say to see the goods you guys. If it bites back, then I'll say "too good" and wish 'em well.

  10. Riiiiiiich. Grossssssssssssssssss. Stop this talk!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhhh

  11. fine Fine FINE!!!

    *puts The Worm back in its can*

    so what were discussing here???

  12. Good. Keep that worm in that can.

    As for third base, I like Ana but I'm not one of those crazed Ana fans who thinks she's 100% innocent. She's probably not a virgin and if her fling with Nando wasn't based on publicity, then it was probably about sex and was probably a way to distract herself from her problems with her game.

    Hope it was good sex girl.

  13. *smiles contentedly*

    Thank you.

    nooooooooo. I'm not a crazed Ana fan, nor do I think she's a v. I just like making fun of this Anando business. It was just so obvious.

    I do hope it was good sex.

  14. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but there's something about Fern that I find oh-so-sexy. Sue me! But I'm pretty sure he could give it to you really really good.

    Did I just say that?! ;)

  15. Babz:

    I should've made myself clear. I wasn't talking about YOU specifically. It's pretty obvious you were snarking, lol. I was just referring to the crazier Ana fans in general, who thinks girlie can do no wrong whatsoever. I wasn't talking about anyone on this site.

  16. Jadefoxxy,

    I just wanted to make sure I am not perceived as a crazed Ana fan. :D

  17. Oh eww, can we vote for a ban on all talk of the Worm's worm? Just eww eww eww ick and eww!

    I have a feeling if this is true, Ana did it because it was affecting her game, not that she didn't find herself attracted to him anymore. Besides, his game looks way better than hers these days.

  18. Yes I know a few of the crazed Ana fans - they've told me off now and again.

    *laughs, on the inside*
    *watches the worm struggle in can*
    *gets nervous*

    But it's true his game is better than hers right now so maybe HE dumped her and they're spinning it like she did the deed. Just sayin'.

  19. You talkin' about me, Rich? Game on, buddy.

    I have to confess I had a dream about Fer the other night and I am pleased to report the he's very sweet (he bought me a painting), smells really good, and a fantastically good kisser.

    Much like with Ana that's as far as things got. Because Ana is a saint and she can do no wrong. EVER.

    She walks on water, too.

  20. "She walks on water, too."

    Was that the painting? I don't know about you but I don't even want to sniff anything about my man's (fine - one night stand's) past flings.

    *fondly remembers boiling his rabbit*

  21. Ana is what I think a passive aggressive girl lol. She's really nice off-court but I doubt she's really THAT nice.Did you see her match against Goerges yesterday, she almost dislocated her shoulder with all the fistpumps, haha sorry all ana fans.

    Anyway, I always thought that this whole ordeal with fernando wasn't going to last long. I mean what are they going to talk about, candies and gel? Maybe it's the language that caused it, I don't know if Ana speaks spanish that well, cause Nando's english is kinda crap.

  22. Oh finally this farce is over!!! I don't even wanna comment on Ana's 3rd base...

    As for the Worm's Worm: I think my dinner just got back up a bit. Urgh.

  23. Glad the off court fling is over. Now maybe she can concentrate on her tennis!


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