Google Down the Line!: Ana upset by Alisa, crashes out of Aussie Open third round

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ana upset by Alisa, crashes out of Aussie Open third round

Ana Ivanovic's struggles continued in Melbourne today.

The Roland Garros champ, and last year's finalist, was defeated by Russian lady baller Alisa Kleybanova 5-7, 7-6 (5), 2-6 in the Aussie Open third round after hitting 7 double faults and 23 winners against 50 errors. A disappointed Ana told the press afterwards that the search for a much-needed coach is on:

I'm looking for a coach. We have already chat with a couple potential coaches. In the near future, I really would like to make a decision. I think it's important.

Also, without a coach for so long it's a little bit tough. You just need some direction sometimes. That's something I felt was missing in my game. Already for a while we're trying to look into some good possibilities.

Obviously, it's a hard one, so I want to make sure we get the right coach.
I can't say this result is shocking based on her recent form and would've been hard pressed to find anyone who thought the Serb would get far in this major.

But it's a very smart move for you, Ana, to find a full-time coach sooner than later. Clearly you need someone to eyeball your game and find out what's working and what's not because something is definitely off, especially your once vaunted serve.

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  1. Not surprised. Let's move on. It'll be a while yet before she gets her act together, if ever. In the meantime, there are more interesting (and winning!) players to cover.

    Yes, I'm mean like that.

  2. I've watched the match but it's really a mental problem for Ana. Her confidence is just totally gone.

  3. I'm surprised she didn't go out in her first match. She's been playing awful. What is so mentally hard for her? She's no longer number 1, she has not been looked at as a major contender for a title for the last 2 grand slams. She's not someone like Sharapova or Kournikova with endless endorsement deals. She didn't have the thumb injury that long. So what's the deal? I guess she's a softie and a bit too eager to please?


  4. babz: The Anaphiles will be after you! what did you do yesterday? oh yes - *duck*

    anon/lisa: one word - COACH. Stat. Like today. Now. Not tomorrow. Actually yesterday. So overdue.

  5. Sucks for Ana. I really wanted to see her find a way to win that match. I think it would have given her a much needed confidence boost. Oh well. I've been rooting for Dinara all along to take this title. Her game has been looking really good so far. And speaking of looking good, she is totally f-ing cut! Homegirl has been working out. And she's not longer in that Pepto dress - bonus! Sorry, this post was about Ana.... :)

  6. Ever since the NYT Play magazine wrote an article on how great her serve isn't.

    You blogged it here.

  7. *ducks*

    *checks self for knife and gun shot wounds, can't find any, relieved to live another day to provoke fanatics of other tennis players*

  8. Well I'm glad she lost and I'm not afraid to admit it :P , her tennis is horrible to watch nowadays. Besides her fistpumping seems so out of place and annoying, who fistpumps after an UE by her opponent.

  9. I expected Ana to lose early going into the AO but her first two matches led me to believe that I had underestimated her; I guess I hadn't.

  10. All the fist-pumping in the world won't fix a lack of self-belief and genuine problem-solving mind.

    Did someone say COACH?

  11. I didn't see this match but I've seen bits of her two previous matches and thought maybe she was starting to get herself together again ... how wrong was I?!

    I'm intrigued to see what other people think on this one: do you guys think that Ana can get back to being a Grand Slam winner (or just contender really), or have the last six months or so been the beginning of the end?

  12. Oh no I think it's way too soon to count her out. That being said, Ana has the potential to go down the Sveta route: wins first Slam, spirals out of control, and never learns to get out of her own way.

    It's all self-created - she clearly has the tools and game but the head is loose.

    Ana needs to get more professional and block out all distractions. Some people can handle doing a lot of outside stuff and some can't - it's just the way it is.

    I'd also like to see her doing a SERIOUS training regiment like JJ did this off-season. Ana's off-season play time with Anando and the stalkeratti has def caught up to her.

  13. Ana's problem is not being a softie. She's always being highly ambitious and hungry. I think the problem is that she spent so much time trying to get to the top, she didn't learn what to do to STAY there, which is much harder actually.

    And yeah her off season distractions really didn't help. JJ may be a humungous drama queen(and I love her for it!) and can act up plenty in matches, but by all accounts, she seems to be handling the pressure of being a top baller better than Ana. Maybe it's because she loves the spotlight so much, lol.

  14. Hi, I'm new. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this site. You guys are hilarious.

    I so enjoy the gossip!

    hee hee!

  15. jadefoxxy - "Maybe it's because [JJ] loves the spotlight so much, lol."

    ya think? please see US Open final '08.

    veruca salt - thanks good to have you here!

  16. speaking of jj and her off season, well, she lost to bartoli today. poor jj, still slam-less after all the hardwork. now that the serbs are out, it's for the russians (vera, dinara, lena) to win. hopefully, whoever takes over the no.1 ranking will not raise too many questions and be asterisk-less. as for ana, meh, she's still in a slump and who knows how long it can last. even serena and masha took a while before winning their second slams while others only end up as one slam wonders. others, though extremely talented, don't manage to win a slam at all in their careers. anyway, it's still to early to write ana off but she better get a coach quick.


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