Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Ana is a "single lady" in song only - or so she says

Monday, January 12, 2009

(UPDATED) Ana is a "single lady" in song only - or so she says

Ana Ivanovic has already traveled to Melbourne and is preparing for the Aussie Open. The Roland Garros champ is still recovering from the illness which hampered her during her Queensland quarterfinal loss to an almost-resurgent Amelie Mauresmo.

However, Ana found time to blog and confirmed her team for the Aussie Open:

Supporting me in Australia I have Scott Byrnes, my fitness coach, and also Melle Van Gemerden, my hitting partner. My mother is here with me and my agent will arrive in Melbourne, too, where my family will also be. Tennis is an individual sport, but you can't overstate the importance of a supportive team.
No mention of former coach Sven Groenefeld? I guess those rumors of him sticking with Team Ana through the year's first major were just that - rumors.

Ana also discussed one of her pre-match routines:
Many players have their routines and I'm no different. During matches I always have a song playing in my head and this week it was Beyonce's Single Ladies.
"Single Ladies", eh? Maybe it's wishful thinking on her part. (Note to Nando: drop the hairy situation or be forced to find a new PR pony. Your call.)

UPDATE - Apparently Sven will be with Ana for the Aussie Open. From the horsey's mouth:

I don't have a full time coach but Sven still helps me on the court and he gives me some tips and will be there (in Melbourne).

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  1. WOW she looks gorgeous here! Just stunning, IMO. I love natural Ana. No need to dress her up to make her look fabulous. I really hope she has a good AO, coach or no coach!!

    P.S. I'm guessing she just likes the song. I bet she and Fern still kick it during the slam :)

  2. Exactly! She always looks best in her tennis gear than in pageant gowns and clown makeup.

  3. She should listen before playing Q-tip "gettin up" so she can high the ranking to number 1.

  4. She looks so much better than I've seen her look in a while. I can't stand the gowns they put on her, they never seem to suit her or are age appropriate. They (whomever they are) always seem to want her to look like she's an aging glam queen from the 40's and it's not working.

    They should market her just as she is, refreshing.

  5. Ever since Beyonce announced she wasn't coming to Belgrade (b/c they need the arena for Fed Cup), I have giggled quietly to myself imagining JJ and Ana flanking B for the Single Ladies dance.

    And JJ shoving Ana out of the way, of course.

  6. She's a stunner without any make up for sure! There is no denying that she looks best when she's not trying to be all dolled up. I mean, sometimes she looks brilliant when the make up is well done but most of the time it's just too much and clownish...
    The picture you posted is from '08 though! She has a different racquet now.

  7. she's lovely without trying. she doesn't need to be made up or airbrushed to look this stunning.

    c note: lol on that. jj will always try her darnest best not to be upstaged by her tennis darling of a serb sister.


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