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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ana feeling antsy, ready to get started in Melbourne

Ana Ivanovic, who was spotted reuniting with Sven Groenefeld on the Melbourne Park practice courts last week, posted a new blog for the Sunday Herald Sun, their sister pubs, and her website:

The week before a grand slam can sometimes be a little boring. I love competing so much I often get restless and want the tournament to start.

But the past week was enjoyable from a social viewpoint. Practice conditions varied. One day the heat was intense, the next it was very windy. Several people have been complaining about the cold, too.

The weather in Melbourne is crazy!

I have been working with Sven Groeneveld. He is head of the Adidas Player Development Program and I have worked with him, on and off, for more than two years. You could say he is my part-time coach.
I am fortunate to have the opportunity to train with him often, but I also enjoy working on my own. That said, I am considering appointing a full-time coach soon.

The week started badly when I got stuck in the lift. It was scary. But luckily my phone had reception so I was able to call for help.

In the evenings I have been going to lovely restaurants, including an Italian one on Collins St that I am told is popular with the players. Our waiter told us stories about visiting players, what they ate and how they behaved.

My favourite restaurant is Nobu at Crown and I have been twice since I arrived.

On Friday night I went to my uncle's house in Mentone for a barbecue. I love to catch up with my relatives.
It's great to see them in the stands during my matches here, too.

Travelling on the tennis tour can be a lonely experience, so to have family around you during a tournament is always special.

I remember having a barbecue at their house last year, on the night I lost in the final.
I was so disappointed, I was thinking about the match the whole time and didn't enjoy it the way I should have.

This kind of memory motivates me to try to do better this year.

Yes Ana, please repeat: FULL-TIME COACH. Good luck!

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  1. Her match is today already. Can't wait!!!!

    Goooooooo, Ana!!!!


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