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Friday, December 5, 2008

(UPDATED) VIDEO VAULT: Rafa attends Nike store opening in Barcelona

Here's a video fix (in Spanish) for all you ravenous Rafanatics out there: your boy attended the opening of the new Nike store in Barcelona's Corazón del Paseo de Gracia.

The new store will take over more than 1,000 square meters and will occupy 3 of the building’s floors.

Blah blah blah. Okay enough about the store, right? Fine - heeeere's Rafa!

- If you can translate the video, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this post.


Thanks to DtL reader Sara for the translation of the subtitles (first) followed by Rafa's comments. Enjoy!

Rafa doesn’t enjoy losing. In the midst of the crisis that Real Madrid is facing, he has decided to surround himself with players from Barcelona at the inauguration of a new store from the brand that sponsors him.

Rafa: The end of the season hasn’t been what I hoped for but the year has been really good. I’m beginning to train,trying to prepare for next season, which is my next objective, and attempting to begin Australia well; that’s where we are. The last four years have gone well and my objectives have been able to change, I’ve been able to become more ambitious hopefully it will be like that but I’m always cautious because everything is very difficult.

VIDEO VAULT: Prince has something up their tennis sleeves for 2009

Attention all Prince lovers - and, no, I'm not talking about the stiletto boot-wearing, symbol-loving, guitar-playing purple one.

The tennis brand is gearing up for something big in 2009 and have released this viral video to tease us silly.


Feli reportedly dating 39-year old cougar, Spanish boys dropping like flies

It seems Feliciano Lopez may have found a cougar to keep him company.

The 27-year old Spanish baller, who recently ended a 2-year romance with Miss Spain Maria Jose Suarez, has reportedly been spotted on many occasions with Spanish actress + TV personality Anne Igartiburu, 39, who showed up in his baller box at the Madrid Masters this past October.

The couple have denied they're dating and compatriot Fernando Verdasco was quoted as saying during his Port Aventura Park presser, "I think he is single and happy, and very well so, but you should ask him."

Damn - if it's true then I guess it's safe to say these Spanish boys are falling off the map quicker than you can say "chorizo". Sorry ladies (and lads).

But score "one" for the cougars - and I won't mention any names. You know who you are...

(via ATP Men's Tennis Blog)

Fed can hide some of his $35 million in new Valbella digs

So what is a tennis superstar supposed to do when you've just raked in an estimated $35 million in earnings?

If you're Roger Federer, you purchase new digs in your home country. The 13-time Grand Slammer, who already owns homes in Wollerau overlooking Lake Zurich and Dubai, recently settled on a vacation home in the ski resort town of Valbella.

I wonder when Fed will actually have time to spend here. I guess with his semi-slimmed down schedule he might have time to go skiing, or maybe it's just another tax haven. I'll go with the latter.

But if I were Mirka, I'd REALLY be wondering where my ring was after the third house...

(image via Getty)

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Verdasco vamps it up - is Anando in danger?

Fernando Verdasco was spotted at Port Aventura Park in Salou, Spain getting his groove on with a couple of life-sized Woody-Woodpeckers and some choice muppets.

So Nando left his girl Ana for this? Either his sponsors were wielding some serious power or someone's living a secret, possibly very gay, life.

Clay Aiken would be proud.

UPDATE: Nando discussed the "relationship" with Ana at the Port Aventura Park presser. Apparently, they don't know each other very well (duh) and are getting to know each other slowly (yeah, right).

Here's video (in Spanish) of what was said; click here for a translation.

(image via

PHOTO OP: Day Two of Andy's off-season training intensive, sun tanning included and required

(WARNING: This post contains photographs of some half-dressed, pasty-colored Brit ballers. Those of you opposed to or frightened by these images, please proceed with caution - or wear sunglasses. Just sayin'.)

Andy Murray is on Day Two of his off-season training intensive at the University of Miami and was joined again by fitness trainer Jez Green and compatriot Ross Hutchins, who should, IMO, always keep his shirt off rather than on.

Team Murray also got a surprise visit from another one of Andy's hot friends: UM tennis baller Dani Vallverdu from Venezuela (below) who we first discovered this past summer at Queen's Club. *reminisces then smiles*

Anyway, the world No.4 began with some tennis-football warm-up drills and then moved on to some speed and agility training including timed shuttle runs to either side of the service box and weight ball drills.

The team took their daily 3-hour midday break, hitting up Whole Foods for a serious sampling of sushi. Yums.

The day continued with some weightroom work. The hour-and-a-half session included the dreaded chin-up exercise with a 10KG weight tied to his waist. Can someone say painful?

It's probably a great idea, then, to end the day with some Bikram "hot" yoga to stretch out those tired muscles and release lactic acids after this workout.

Here's a breakdown of what the 21-year old had to suffer through today:

Calorific intake: 5, 800

Weights: upper body

Tennis: 2 hours

Bikram yoga: 1.5 hrs

Sun tanning: all day, every day (hopefully)

OMG - So Andy gets to play tennis, do yoga, workout, AND stuff his face silly all while working on his tan? So fun! Where can I sign up for this program?

(images via

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Letter to DtL readers: Spamming sucks!

Hey guys,

Just a reminder that while I don't mind direct article and/or video links being mentioned in the comments I don't support spamming of other sites, blogs or products.

If you have a site or blog, you can have your screen name linked to your blog by adding your URL when signing in.



PHOTO OP: Even tennis legends can harbor hairy situations - right Pete?

All-time major title holder Pete Sampras, who defeated John McEnroe 6-3, 6-4 at the BlackRock Tour of Champions in London, was spotted at the pre-event presser working the hairiest of situations.

Egads man! What are you (not) doing? Seriously, just shave the shit off. Or, if you're that attached to your receding hairline, steal some hair from those bushy brows (or face) and paste it to your forehead.

ANYTHING but that.

(images via Getty)

SIGHTING: Anando spend day at Palma Racket, to spend holidays in Queensland

Ana Ivanovic, who has been living and training in what looks to be a chilly Mallorca during the off-season, was spotted arriving with boytoy Fernando Verdasco at Palma Racket Club for some on-court work with her crew.

Apparently the sexy Spaniard only flew in for the day and then left to attend to sponsor duties in Port Aventura. But don't despair: Ana will be flying to Queensland this month to begin training for the Brisbane International where Anando is reportedly spending the holidays:

I will fly to Queensland in the middle of December and train there before the tournament starts. In the past, I've trained in Melbourne and Sydney, but now I'm going to discover a part of Australia I'm not so familiar with.
Nando is also entered in the tournament which begins January 4th.

Well, my question about whether the couple were together at her new Mallorcan digs is somewhat answered, though I still can't be sure they were swinging from the chandeliers.

But I have my guesses (and my very vivid imagination)...

(via WTA Women Tennis)

PHOTO OP: Team Murray arrive in Miami, begin off-season training intensive

A few members of Team Murray have already made their way to South Florida for Andy's winter training session and they have set up camp at the University of Miami.

Fitness trainer Jez Green and Andy's cute compatriot, doubles specialist Ross Hutchins, have joined the Brit baller in the sunny city for the next three weeks of intense off-season prep; the rest of Team Murray will arrive this weekend. There will be both morning and afternoon workouts, 6 days a week, with a 3-hour break in between to recharge and refuel (apparently at Whole Foods for some sushi.)

And like Ana Ivanovic, the world No.4 hasn't hit in a couple of weeks so the training begins slowly by "blowing away a few cobwebs" and then the team works their way up to more on-court practice.

He also uses this off-time to experiment with his equipment: the company who strings and customizes Andy's racquets, Priority 1, has sent down a few variations for him to try out.

While at UM, Team Murray will also set out to compete in a self-styled Winter Olympics, a series of 10 events, including chin-ups, that all members will take part in over a two week time. Andy has hit 20 reps, a significantly higher number than the 21-year old hit last season.

Good stuff Andy! Lookin' good as well though you may want to try working on a tan since you're already down there.

Just sayin'...geesh.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

El Toro De Rafa launches to fulfill your deepest Rafantasies - are you game?

I wanted to give a special shout-out today to avid DtL! reader and supreme Rafanatic Babz, who just launched El Toro De Rafa, a tennis blog dedicated to all of Rafa's best ass-ets or as the tagline reads "Enabling Lusty Thoughts of Rafanatics Everywhere". I guess that's more to the point.

Anyway, I'm really excited to have another Rafasource out there - especially one with the kind of cunning wit Babz possesses.

Make sure to check it out y'all.

And to Babz: Ready? Play!

(image via

Fed + Shrieka make Forbes "Best-Paid Celebs Under 30" Top 10, stay recession-proof

Even though the world's facing a major financial crisis, top ballers Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova probably won't feel the pinch much.

Forbes has just released their "Best-Paid Celebs Under 30" list and the Swiss maestro and his Russian counterpart both made the Top 10 joining basketballers Kobe Bryant + Lebron James, singers Beyonce + Justin Timberlake, actress Keira Knightley, and more.

Here's what Forbes had to say about Fed:

Earnings: $35 million

The world's top tennis player won $10 million in prize money in 2007--and another three grand slams. He recently signed up for 10 more years with Nike, one of the biggest deals ever in tennis.
Shrieka made the mag's "20 Under 25" list last year after raking in a cool $23 million but the Russian glamazon managed to top that number this time around:
Earnings: $26 million

There's nothing like the combination of talent and good looks to woo corporations looking to spend endorsement dollars. Sharapova's Australian Open title this year was her third Grand Slam win, along with 16 other singles titles. She's recently added Sony to an endorsement portfolio that includes Pepsi, Colgate-Palmolive, Nike and Motorola.
Fed + Maria weren't the only ballers on the list: the Sisters Sledge also made the cut with ReRe coming in at 11th with $14 million and V at 12th with $13 million.

*RICH opens wallet, starts crying*

(images via Getty)

FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Dinara + Caroline, Ana in action

I just previewed additional styles for some of the boys by sports giant adidas so now let's turn our attention to the ladies!

World No.3 Dinara Safina will be working the Competition Cap Sleeve Tee in pool paired with the dreaded skort from the Competition line in white. I STILL don't get skorts - what gives?

The kit on the right is the Competition Top in yellow and the Competition Skort in black. Ditto on these duds.

Rising Dane Caroline Wozniacki will be debuting two outfits: both feature the Edge adilibria Tank in yellow + pool matched with the Edge adilibria Skort in dark clay + white.

I'm wondering about the silhouette of Caroline's outfit, though, since adidas paired a fitted tank with a flirty, pleated skirt. I guess we'll have to see if the pieces fall together nicely - I'm thinking the notch at the bottom of the tank will help it fall smoothly against the billowy skirt.

Lastly, here's an action shot of last year's finalist Ana Ivanovic in the Edge adilibria Dress in pool that I previewed earlier this week. I think this dress looks much better on Ana and in motion than in a still shot. Still, I'm pushing for some kind of jewel tone green for the Serbian baller. C'mon adidas - make it happen!

SIDE NOTE: I'm totally curious about Jelena Jankovic's duds for the year's first major. Will they be cute? Horrible?? Completely Glitter-ized??? Oh the suspense!

Anyway, what are your faves from this group?


(images via

FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Jo-Willy, Marat, Fernando, Ernests + Nole

Richard Pagliaro's blog over at got their hands on a few more images of adidas' fashionable efforts for next month's Aussie Open. Let's check out the boys...

Last year's finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks to be working the Edge Polo in black and the Competition Bermuda Short in black with a white side stripe (left image). This outfit seems confusing because the Edge Polo is supposed to be for Novak Djokovic and they don't normally mix the Edge line with the Competition line.

The kit on the right is the Competition Theme Polo in yellow paired with the same Bermuda Short.

2005 Aussie Open champ, hottie Marat Safin, is working the Competition Theme Polo in pool + navy paired with the Competition Bermuda in navy with white side stripe.

The other half of Anando, Fernando Verdasco, is debuting the Edge Tee in white and the Edge Bermuda Short in black.

The Latvian lad with the lovely locks, Ernests Gulbis, has been given the Competition Traditional Polo in pool paired with the Competition Short in white.

And finally here are two new images of Novak Djokovic: the outift on the left is the Edge Polo in white + olive and the Edge Bermuda Short in olive that I previewed earlier this week. The sexy Serb looks to be adding another option to his Aussie Open gear with the Edge Polo in pool, the Edge Bermuda Short in white, and some funky-looking Barricades in pool.

Honestly, did adidas have to get all matchy with the shirt and sneakers completely? Ick. It reminds me of the outfit Lleyton Hewitt wore when he lost to Marat in '05. I much prefer the all black option from my earlier preview over the pool + white one.

I'll be previewing a few more adidas duds for the ladies next. In the meantime, what's the best + worst of this bunch?


(images via

Ana already in training, blogs from new Mallorcan digs

Ana Ivanovic has moved into the $5.7 million holiday home she was reported to have purchased in Palma Son-Vida, Mallorca and has already begun preparations for the 2009 tennis season.

Via her blog:

I’ve been training in Spain for the past two weeks. I bought a holiday home in Mallorca. It’s a very quiet and peaceful area, so it’s a perfect place to train and relax. I have always liked Mallorca: I used to come here to train when I was 15.

I will continue to live in Switzerland, but this gives me another option for training, especially in the winter when you can practise outdoors.

My cousin visited me when I moved in, which was very nice. The neighbours have been very friendly too.

My first week of training was mainly conditioning work, but I had a light hit a few times. Even though the focus has been fitness work, it’s important to slowly work yourself back into a rhythm on the court. It’s also good for your hands, otherwise you can get blisters if you go from not playing at all for two weeks, to intense hitting.

I am now training hard on the court too. I have a hitting partner here with me.
Oh the life of a multi-millionairess. But, of course, the big question: is cutesy Anando already swinging from the new home's chandeliers and all?

I guess we'll find out soon enough whether Ana tells us or not. I mean, we do have our ways...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Rafa receives inaugural International Award for Sport, Rafanatics rejoice!

Thanks to DtL reader meri for tipping me off to another accolade being given to the world's top baller, Rafael Nadal.

The Mallorcan Matador received the inaugural International Award for Sport given out by the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid. The award is given to the athlete who possesses sporting merits and human values represented in fair play, delivery, sacrifice and team spirit.

Rafa has already earned a number of honors this year including the ATP's year-end No.1, Prince of Asturias
, and GQ Men of the Year.


FASHION FIX: Ana to go adidas aldilibria in Australia

Team Ana has confirmed the Roland Garros champ will be working the adidas Aldilibria dress she debuted at the WTA Championships at next month's Aussie Open. The dress comes in two colorways: plum + tuquoise.

I know a lot of you guys weren't feeling this dress, but I still love the direction adidas is going here. Anything's better than the lady finger f-up from this summer.

I think we can ALL agree on that one.

(image via,

Even a bum shoulder can't keep Shrieka down - so what's the latest?

Has any baller in tennis history had a busier injury-induced off season than Maria Sharapova?

The Russian glamazon hit up NYC Fashion Week, launched over-priced cameras, made modeling moves in numerous mags from around the world, shopped 'til she dropped, partied, took in some b-ball, and even reportedly found a new love in Charlie Ebersol, all while nursing a bum shoulder! Is she super talented or what? Meh.

Now comes word Shrieka will be playing guest editor at ESPN the Magazine and wants to (shocker!) focus on athlete fashion according to an email to staffers at the pub:


Maria Sharapova is going to be the "Editor-in-Chief" of our Athletes Issue. She accepted this responsibility with great enthusiasm and would like, for an issue, to focus her efforts for the Magazine toward revamping the fashion-sense of America's favorite athletes. She has two ideas:

-The make-over. She wants to redo the style of LeBron (even though he only wears Ralph Lauren's premium label), Carmelo Anthony, Reggie Bush etc.
-The Best Dressed/Worst Dressed list. It's debut in our pages.

Why am I going on about this? Because we need to come up with some other things she can do in addition (or in place of) the above. Ideally, some of you have ideas that put to use her interest in style and applies it to our pages. I'd love to hear any and all thoughts on the matter. There are no stupid ideas. Please take a few minutes and ask yourself "If Maria Sharapova were my boss for a day, how could she make the magazine better?" And then send me what you come up with. By Wednesday, please.
Why am I thinking "Have Maria the boss lady showup in a bikini and stilettos cracking a whip...for staff morale of course." will be a big request at the lad mag? Crazy.

And speaking of crazy: Leonard Taylor, Jr., an ex-Wisconsin football player, has been charged with threatening his ex-coach Barry Alvarez, Shrieka, and her family. The 32-year old has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and reportedly left numerous profanity-laced messages for his coach that included references to the 21-year old baller:
Barry, you heard that (expletive) message, (expletive) it. I hate that (expletive) Maria Sharapova ... I just want to look at you one (expletive) last time before I pull the (expletive) trigger, Barry.
Creepster. I'm thinking he's the guy that leaves those insane posts on her forum - and there are more than a few.

And finally, Shrieka's supposed outfit for the defense of her Aussie Open title has been revealed. Why do I say "supposed"? Well, I think we all remember the Nike switch-a-roo the 3-time Grand Slammer and the sports brand pulled on fans, retailers, and bloggers alike last year. How annoying was that? Anyway, let's imagine what Shrieka would look like working the dress in question:

Eeks! So maybe it'll be the same dress but in another color (hopefully - this one will wash the fair-skinned baller out as will the white version) or maybe it'll be a completely different dress - who the hell knows. But I'll contact Nike and let you guys know what I find out.

Alright I'm all Shrieka-ed out guys...

(images via Getty,

Monday, December 1, 2008

FASHION FIX: Preview of Nole's Aussie Open '09 adidas styles

So I've previewed Rafael Nadal's + Roger Federer's Aussie Open '09 Nike duds so let's check out the tennis fashions adidas has come up with for Novak Djokovic.

The defending champ will be working the Edge Polo in phantom which features a black-on-black shadow graphic design on the front and yellow piping on the neckline. The white version showcases the same shadow design in white-on-white on the front body and adidas' 3-stripe trademark in olive and yellow piping on the sleeves. Both Edge Polos showcase the eagle graphic design on the back top-left shoulder Nole debuted at the Masters Cup:

Nole will most likely pair the Edge Polos with the new Edge Bermudas in phantom + olive which have a combination tie + elastic waist and longer length.

The sexy Serb will tie the whole look together with the new sleek + shiny Edge ClimaCool trainers in metallic silver/black/neon yellow.

As you guys know I'm usually pretty tough on adidas for their lack of design innovation and marketing efforts for their top ballers. But, as of late, the sports brand has turned it up a notch and pulled out some interesting and original gear for both Ana Ivanovic + Nole.

Now, while I may not love the actual clothing every time (love the shirts + shoes here, don't love the curtains-as-shorts moment) I can truly appreciate the effort and innovation that adidas has been showing.

What do you guys think of adidas' recent fashion?


(images via

FASHION FIX: Preview of Fed's Aussie Open '09 Nike styles

I've already previewed Rafael Nadal's Aussie Open Nike gear and now let's take a peek at what Roger Federer will most likely wear at the year's first major.

Fed's style really never sways from the crisp + classic and these Nike duds are no exception. The world's second-best baller will be working the shadow-striped Federer Polo in concord + white (above). It features a contrasting 4-button placket with his ubiquitous 'RF' logo on bottom and a button-down collar design.

The Federer Polos will be paired with the Athlete Woven Shorts in white + obsidian. These shorts are 9" in length and feature a contrasting side stripe and what looks to be a contrast stripe on the front crease and venting on the inside of the leg.

The Swiss stylist's Aussie Open style is rounded out with his fave Vapors VI in white/silver/charcoal.

These outfits, though classic, are really boring and don't feature any interesting design elements or even any great colorways. What's the deal?

Maybe these images don't do the clothing any justice and the actual pieces will pop more - at least I'm hoping so for Fed's sake.

(images via

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Preview of Rafa's Aussie Open '09 Nike style

The Aussie Open is still over a month away but the 2009 tennis fashions are already being revealed.

Top baller Rafael Nadal's style continues to evolve even after the Spaniard's controversial US Open '08 Nike duds caused an uproar amongst his most loyal Rafanatics. The sports brand has moved away from his 'pirata' look and has infused streetwear elements such as bold colors, stripes, and checkers to create and new, inspired look for Rafa.

The Mallorcan Matador will be warming up for the season's first Grand Slam in the Trend Long Sleeve Coverups in charcoal + white (above).

Rafa has decidedly dropped his trademark sleeveless this time around and has been given three different colorways of the new Short Sleeve Top including turquoise + white, white + classic charcoal, and white + neo turquoise. Rafanatics don't despair: the shirt looks slightly fitted and the sleeves short enough to still show off that coveted buff body.

No Rafa outfit would be complete, of course, without his trademark long shorts so Nike has designed the Long Checked Short featuring an extended tab waist in classic charcoal, neo turquoise, and white.

And it seems the top baller has finally ditched his favored Cages for some new, super cool Air Max Courtballistecs in neo turquoise, black/metallic silver/volt, and black/volt/silver. LOVE.

Like I said last season, I'm excited Rafa is moving in a new direction that still stays true to his individuality and larger-than-life personality. We'll see how the actual clothing looks when its released and I'll be sure to post images once I get my mitts on them.

What do you guys think of these Aussie Open duds?


I just found these Nike duds called the Athletic Hero Short Sleeve Tees in white + neo turquoise. Could these be the practice t-shirts for "El Toro"?

(images via

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