Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: ReRe regains hamstring health for charitable reasons, Oscar in the mail

Thursday, December 18, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: ReRe regains hamstring health for charitable reasons, Oscar in the mail

Serena Williams is a real trooper.

The US Open champ, who's dealing with a pesky hamstring "injury" that forced her out of the Hopman Cup, already showed us some of her questionable warm up techniques before hitting the court for Rock n' Racquets last weekend.

It's good thing, though, that she loosened up those muscles because she really could've hurt herself more doing this almost-synchronized dance routine.

Boy, ReRe can do a mean impression of being healthy, huh? Give that girl an Oscar!



  1. Well ReRe, at least you have an audition tape for line-up dancing if you ever get bored of tennis...

  2. Fortunately the base of the court was strong enough...

  3. I'm all for players being silly and having fun for a charitable cause. I think Andy, Serena, Caroline and John raised $350,000 this year. Great for them, and did anyone see the video clip of them hitting with the special kids? It was so sweet.

  4. This was an AWESOME event, I still can't believe Knoxville swung this caliber of athletes...I'll have to give you guys some more juicy tidbits, I was sitting in the 4th row!

  5. erin: don't let us stop you - DO TELL!

  6. lol that reminds me of something Ellen Degeneres would do. I saw a video fo her in Kenya and she was dancing with the traditional dancers and she was flailing her legs everywhere and the Minister of Education or whatever was looking at her like ... but it was funny. She has a great sens of humour.


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