Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rafa spotted autograph signing + wedgie picking at Basquet Mallorca game

Sunday, December 7, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Rafa spotted autograph signing + wedgie picking at Basquet Mallorca game

Thanks again to DtL reader meri for tipping me off to the latest Rafasighting!

The world's top baller, who just attended the Nike store opening in Barcelona, was spotted sitting in the stands for a Basquet Mallorca game recently. And, to top it off, Rafa also accepted ANOTHER honor on court at some point during the game, though I'm not sure what it was for.

Wow - the autograph hounds were in full force that day but I have to say he seemed really gracious about signing all of them. But who knew his wedgie-picking habits (around 1:13 of the video) were also an off-court issue? The boy needs some better undies...or an ass-et reduction (but I'd push for the former - and help him shop.)

PS - If someone can translate Rafa's words (he's speaking in Catalan) feel free to leave them in the comments section!



  1. That just shows how great player is Rafa. Other ballers just fight the opponent but Rafa must fight with giant wedgies all day long, on and off court!

  2. Poor baby obviously does it as an involuntary tic, anytime he's in some predicament of any kind or degree. (Others do similar things: Roddick adjusts his jewels, cap and shirt; Federer preens his hair).

    Rafa's been doing it since he was a kid, as could be seen in his old vids.

    The same is with his golf playing today: you could see him pulling at his nice comfy pants before a drive.

    He explained many times he's not aware doing it, it's nothing to do with what he wears, and he's trying to stop, but it's not easy habit to break.

    Personally, I stopped noticing. There are so many other things to notice about him.

  3. How cute, he really seems so patient when signing autographs.

    The wedgie-picking... oh well... think of it this way: if he didn't do that, we would be plain PERFECT. Period. No flaws. This just can't be. There's gotta be something. And it better be about his ass. :P

  4. haha you said it!

  5. It's great that he signed all those autographs. I'm not his fan, but he seems like a nice guy. But that's an unfortunate tic. I wonder if Roddick also arranges his jewels off court. I hope not.

  6. ^^^ Brooklyn Decker took that job from Andy!

  7. mmmm Rafa....that's all I can say :)

  8. Oh please...everyone knows Rafa yanks at his pants. He's tried to stop, it's embarrassing. It's like nailbiters, they usually don't realize it, it's a nervous thing.

    He's human, you know. He gets flummoxed at times by all the attention. He's a pretty humble guy from Mallorca, except on the tennis court where he becomes a ferocious L-I-O-N!!!!!


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