Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Shrieka gets pretty for Tiffany's store opening but what's up with her hair?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

SIGHTING: Shrieka gets pretty for Tiffany's store opening but what's up with her hair?

Maria Sharapova (or is it her mom?) was spotted at the opening of Tiffany & Co.'s new store at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA.

The Russian glamazon also met up with Willie Ebersol, brother of her rumored boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

The dress Shrieka's wearing is pure prettiness but I can't really tell what's going on with hair. The shorter style ages her and makes her face look really wide. Let's hope it's just an "up-do" and not a permanent cut.

But one thing we can all be happy about: it seems she's finally moved on from the bangs - smart move Shrieka.

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  1. I actually like it that Sharapova did something different with her hair for once, even though it makes her face look 'wide'.
    It's different.
    A breath of fresh hair (um, AIR) from the usual straight hair that's always in her face.

  2. LOL what's that green tie on the midget he looks like a clown

  3. VICKI FOURIE: def props for experimenting and trying something new. i was serious when i mentioned the move away from the bangs - it's really so over.

    but she aged like 10 years with the 'do. there must be better ones - but what? how about bigger hair with more volume?? go full on 80's!

    t.o.: he's probably normal size but he was "shrunk by shrieka" - a very common condition you get when hanging with russian fashionista.

    i caught it last year at this event i went to for her...not fun...

  4. Her hair's definitely different, which in some ways is good. It looks a bit half-done, though.

    And Ebersol is probably normal-sized, like Rich said, but is, like Rich said, shrunk by Masha.

    I'm guessing the only person in the world who won't get shrunk by Shrieka is Delpo, who's like 6'6". Oh, and Yao Ming too.

  5. Wow. That's just all shades of wrong. Doesn't even look like her!

  6. Her makeup looks a bit off too. Usually it's flawless but it looks 'done' in a bad way.

  7. I Love Love the dress, the hair not so much.

  8. I think she should stay away from white right now - it really washes her out.

    Allison was right on when she mentioned the makeup was off...good makeup could have helped because she's so white-washed here.

    But the hair is killing me - it makes her look really weird and mos def old.

  9. I didn't even recognise her at first. My first thought was that she looks just a little bit like some kind of milkmaid!

  10. God, she looks so old!Like a grandma!Make-up is so bad, and it aged her, look how her lips look like she ate a lemon,wrinkled!....My first impression was Bring me some Ana Ivanovic!It looks like Ana officialy took the hottest tron from Masha!I know Masha will glow again many times, thing she has to do, is first go little more blonder, it makes her eyes look great, this is going gray, going blond Masha is what you have to do!And just yeah, go with naturalness, loosen up her hair, or tie it, or go yeah some big volume, little bit curly, and have a make-up, real make-up, not to much, but I just love it when she wears red lipstick, she looks fierce!:)But Masha and her fashion mistakes are not a new thing, so I'm used to it.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Maria has a girlfriend and the rumored boyfriend is just that ... a rumor?

  12. sally: Obvs I completely agree with you

    Tessa: She looks good when she experiments some and doesn't try to go to demure - it's not really her thing. I'd say it's better suited for Ana; Shrieka's a glamazon. I'd love her to just go all out and wild - like I said the big hair, Alexander McQueen, crazy makeup.

    Pamela: Ah, yes the lesbo rumors about Camilla Belle, who's now supposedly dating one of the Jonas Bros. I don't know - I've never gotten that vibe. But I remember after they posed for those photos during their Euro trip they got posted everywhere and then next thing you know the pics with Camilla were removed from Shrieka's site. That was strange.

    I haven't heard a peep about her relationship with Charlie Ebersol after the initial news. Not sure if they're just super private or what but it's hard to hide THAT much when you're as familiar a face as Shrieka.

    Anyone else have any updates on Shrieka + Charlie????

  13. OMG I always go nuts whenever I hear people discussing BEST FRIENDS REALTIONSHIP as lesbo one!I mean what is it with you people??How much time do you spend with you BFF!?Mos def 1000 times much more,cause you don't have Masha's schedule, but you don't get photographed on every coffe, on every walk, on every trip,on every hang out, I mean if I got fotografed with my bf every time we met and hang out as they do, it will seem as we'll lovers also, cause of the amount time we're spending together!And they for god sakes don't even see each other as often as any of us do with our BFFs!And it's just a coincidence that one of Masha's best friend is also a celebrity so they can merge they hanging outs on events they'll both attend-fashion shows and's so stupid these rumours are even alive, or ever were.Lemme ask ya how many times a week you see your best friends?Me as much as possible!Sometimes every day!And Masha sees Camilla like probably once a month!And when they manage to see each other 2 weeks in a row, twice a year, then they lovers, like great how outside lookers interpratate things!C r a z y!

  14. Ok, first of: Masha does not look good here! The make-up is off, the hair is, well, not flattering, her skin seems to breaking out again and she looks really tired.
    I don't mind the dress but it is boring. I know it's a tiffany's event but she could have been a little more fashion-forward imo. Take the risk instead of playing it save!
    Maria Sharapova +Camilla Belle = Mamilla Bellapova? LOL!!! I thought people would have been over this by now.
    And actually, Masha and Camilla didn't really get snapped by paparazzi except for the one time at the Miami tournament. Usually if you saw them together it were pics that were taken on the red carpet or pics Masha herself posted on her blog... And I have to say it was fun for a while speculating about their relationship but now it's become really old and boring.
    And does anybody here really believe she's dating that Ebersol guy?? Please! He's extremly fug and if it would have been true, don't you think there would have been at least one more picture or story about them? See, there's nothing to it!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Tessa: I had to remove your comment because it linked to another blog post which is spamming. Direct links to photos, and/or videos are fine but not to other blog posts, websites, or products. Always feel free to send me the info directly at!

    Here's the rest of your comment:

    "@Maja : I completely agree!Finally someone who also thinks the lesbo rumours are true B.S. and the Ebersnol ones, also."

  17. Yeah Shrieka + Charlie were a story for a minute and then *poof* nothing. It seems weird they wouldn't have been spotted anywhere else together though our perspective may be skewed after drowning in Anando news lately.

    I guess if you don't pose for a 1000 photos and videos in a week's time then you couldn't possibly be dating.


  18. Oh I didn't know what exactly was allowed!I'm sorry!:)Ok, I'll send you to e-mail in the future!:))

  19. Argh..those lesbian rumors again. Give it up, they are probably just BFF's who like to hang out at together, you know like normal girls.
    I don't think the whole charlie thing is true, but who knows maybe they are dating..if so then they are hiding it pretty well, unlike some people :P.

  20. Not a good look for her at all..makes her look much older. And FAT arms, anyone!..lack of training shows big time.

  21. I think her "fat" arms are just a result of the strength work she did in Arizona. She probably put on a lot of muscle weight! Good for her if she wants to stay healthy and shoulder problem free!

  22. My observation and belief that she might be a lesbian doesn't really have anything to do with her best friend. It's just a vibe that I get. I don't know why anyone would get offended, if she is - she is. So what? Still though, I think we don't see her with anyone .. man or woman because she doesn't want to be out of the closet.

    Again, just my opinion and personally I like the hair, the dress looks like a fitted table cloth. She's better when she's being glam.

  23. Shrieka's def getting better at the modeling thing - she's looking more natural for sure.

    I wonder if she wasn't working with Rachel Zoe what her style would like like these days? It's hard to say whose style is really theirs and whose style comes from the stylists.

    I bet the ones with naturally good style are few and far between because there wouldn't be as many stylists!

  24. I think Masha's still single cause boys are reduced to her cause of her height, I mean it's not easy to find bf when you're that tall, immediatly your opinions are lower.....she so damn tall, she has to go to special places to find boys, so basicly just itentionally go to find men!Basketball court or smth....and maybe men that she finds attractive think of her as a giant!And are not attracted to her, possibly!So I mean, she probably just didn't find that someone,I bet she will.....but Masha lesbian???Out of nowhere is just plain ridicilous!I mean I think Nadal is bi, just the wibe I get!..not..It's ridicilous, we can all just blab around for any of them then, big B.S.
    PS.Masha's stylist is Rachel Zoe?!?!Oh God.Now suddenly some of her ummm fashion choices or mistakes make sense to me.

  25. options is what I meant to say...not opinions...ehh...when you're not an original english speaker....sooorry..

  26. Lol at the person who thought Masha has fat arms

    I reckon they're probably muscly, but then again, Masha was never as built as a Williams sister or Manresmo

  27. I do like the lesbo rumors.

  28. I love the outfit, but I agree that her make up is bad (she's looking so dark underneath her eyes, and there's a great lipstick color missing).
    The hair is a bit weird. I like the idea, but it seems unfinished or something. The braid on the top of her head is nice, though.

    As for the relationship rumours... I so do not care about who she's dating. LOL
    I really don't get the lesbian vibe though.


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