Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: JJ leaves Mexico, returns to Nick Bollettieri's for more off-season prep

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SIGHTING: JJ leaves Mexico, returns to Nick Bollettieri's for more off-season prep

Jelena Jankovic, who has been training hard in San Luis, Mexico, returned to her former homebase at The Nick Bollettieri Academy in Florida to continue her preparations for the 2009 season.

It seems clear the slidin' Serb is intent on getting physically fitter and stronger but she's also looking to add more variety to her game which can only help, I say:

JJ is def looking bulkier for sure (I mean check out that shelf) - must be all those workouts in the sand down in Mexico. She also seems truly focused on winning that maiden Slam and keeping the keys to the WTA Penthouse.

Could it be there's actually a lady baller who wants to be world no.1 and is willing to do the hard work to stay there? How novel!

Check out Nick's Flickr page for more JJ shots.

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  1. You know, as easy as it is to make fun of JJ and her crazy ways (glitter fetish, fugly fashion choices, superfluous injury timeouts, etc.) I really think it's part of the reason I like her!! Maybe because I get the impression she doesn't take herself too seriously and doesn't really care if people laugh at her weird bangs and nasty clothes (ha ha). As far as her tennis goes, she seems like the real deal to me. Even though Ana's already one a grand slam, I'm putting my money on JJ for the long haul.

    P.S. What's up with her subdued outfit here?? No more drag queen?? LOL.

  2. grammar brainfart: i meant "won" not "one."

  3. johanne: I love JJ because of everything you mentioned. I can appreciate the humor of it all even though I totally make fun of it.

    I'm like that kid on the playground that picks on other kids because secretly I like them - she's fun and exciting on-court but clearly is being very professional and working hella hard to make 2009 hers unlike, say, her Serbian sister.

    LOVE IT - her Slam is coming.

  4. Rich: I totally agree - you'd think Ana's last name was Kournikova or something ;) And that pic of her and Fern at the Real Madrid match is uber cheese!! We get it. You're dating. SNOOZE.

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  6. JJ is looking good. I really like jelena, she makes me laugh. I became a fan after the infamous comment she made at wimbledon, where she was put on a court that was almost in the parking lot and that she needed a helicopter to get there LOL.

    And she is probably the only person who wears glitter and lip gloss on court.

  7. OMG! Look at her butt! That thing is beautiful. Ah, if only mine were that high again...

    I love JJ, but I don't think she has it mentally to win a slam. I sure do hope I'm wrong, though.

  8. michelle: "And she is probably the only person who wears glitter and lip gloss on court."

    - mos def the only one. i'd hate to be one of the ball kids who has to collect her towels

    natch: i always think the mental part comes many times from being physically fit and knowing you can last. i'm not sure jj ever really believed she could last therefore made mental errors to get through the tight moments and/or got fatigued and just couldn't pull through.

    based on her off-season training that we've been seeing, she should be in really good shape. now can she translate that into winning seven matches in a row? i'm excited to see!

  9. "i'd hate to be one of the ball kids who has to collect her towels"

    Mwuhahaha I crapped my pants! Maybe rubber gloves should be mandatory for ball kids...

  10. Didn't you notice that only Jelena just slightly chucks her face with her towel, she never rubs it like players without make-up, so I think she doesn't leave traces of make-up on towel, she's developed a real strategie!Good for towel-kids!And I think it's due to her self-esteem, cause she's not the best looking, and with make-up she probably feels prettier and therefor has more self-esteem, just feels better about herself I guess.But really ,I always admire her doing multitasking stuff out there, working her ass off, and being careful while using the towel!Actually, she and Tati Golovin are probably the only one using make-up!Tati uses just eye liner though, no lip gloss.And I won't even go to Bethanie Mattek.What are few JJ glitters compared to THAT!?

  11. wow. the comment above me would type out an essay on jj's makeup. bored much?


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