Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Anando says good-bye, gets smiley + smoochy at Mallorcan airport

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SIGHTING: Anando says good-bye, gets smiley + smoochy at Mallorcan airport

Thanks to DtL readers Maja, Meri + Tessa for tipping me off to the latest Anando sighting!

After spending a single day practicing together at Palma Racket Club, the stalkeratti spotted a shawled Ana Ivanovic dropping off boytoy Fernando Verdasco at the Mallorca airport for his trip to Salou, Spain where he vamped his way through a Port Aventuras Park sponsor event.

The pair will reconnect in Queensland for the holidays and both will compete at the Brisbane International beginning January 4.

Awww Anando. Puppy love can make anyone get smiley + smoochy and they're CLEARLY no exception. Plus, they're actually not wearing matching outfits this time and that's good news. Nando in a shawl isn't exactly the sexiest image - I'll take him in those jeans he's already wearing (and well I might add).

Do ya think it's getting serious? Me thinks so!

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    Rich maybe you wanna check out this pics too

  2. Damn, these two are just too precious. Sooo jealous. :)

  3. Do you guys thinks it's getting serious? It seems to be...they are spending tons of time together as well as the holidays which is kinda serious I think.

    But, I hope that they're really practicing too. It doesn't look like it though. I've seen them laughing, talking, and sitting but not ACTUALLY hitting a single ball.

    I guess we'll see once the season begins!

  4. Whoa, that shawl is TRAGIC! It looks like what I used to wear when I was an altar girl.

    If they are getting serious, they still look a little awkward with each other. Cute-awkward. Maybe it's the paparazzi, though.

  5. ff: OMG so you're a recovering catholic? these images seems completely inappropriate filtered through your altar girl comment! ahhhhh - make it stop!!

    it's been about 4 months so they're still getting to know each other and she's pretty inexperienced, the complete opposite of nando from what i hear and what readers have mentioned.

    the paps can't make them awkward - it's a natural gift!


    they are actually practicing here

  7. @Ivy: LOL these pics are just too cute! very lovey-dovey but kinda awkward that she's always giggling... can't really imagine them having some sexy-time

    And is it just me or does Ana seem to get skinnier? her legs look pretty slim in those pics.

  8. ivy: okay they're on the court, they're tossing balls to each other, they're giggling - where's the actual hitting of the fuzzy yellow ball?!!

    maja: i don't know - she looks in pretty good shape to me here. she's def very shy with boys. what about the last pic with him grabbing and kissing her? kinda hotttt.

  9. Ah, if only I could be happy for other couples... but being all bitter about love it ain't so easy. LOL

    By the way, why is Ana wearing a duffel bag?!

  10. I just love this period of year considering tennis, awaiting of the new season and my fav Aussie Open, plus isn't it great to be entartained a bit by these two when there's no action on court, and everyone is in some preparation, that totally brought some newness into all tennis scene??I am starting to love Ana more!She was dull to me before, kinda,sooo innocent, and now well go Ana!And I love seeing them together, and all new Ana is appearing here!Just waiting for Masha to find bf, and then we're talking!Boy, are those Nando-like guys some real piece of work?He's teaching some love!:))

  11. She is actually picking him up, not dropping him at the airport. He went back to Mallorca after his gig at Port Aventura, december 3rd, and they practiced together the 2 following days. After that Fernando went from Mallorca to Ferrol to play the Spanish Masters, and brought Ana with him. There he said he had practiced just the last 2 days, that are the pictures we see in the link that has been posted here.

  12. they're simply adorable (i dunno, ana manages to make everything around her look cute lol). verdasco is growing on me.

    rich, have you seen ana's pics for l'equipe's sport&style? those are probably the most beautiful and glamourous that she has looked. masha better watch out, ana may have just (un)officially taken over her throne.


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