Google Down the Line!: (CORRECTED) SIGHTING: Anando getting serious, take family photos in Madrid

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(CORRECTED) SIGHTING: Anando getting serious, take family photos in Madrid

Thank to DtL reader Tessa for tipping me off to the latest Anando news!

Ana Ivanovic traveled to Madrid to watch boytoy Fernando Verdasco play an exhibition and the pair were spotted at the airport again (it seems to be their fave place for intimate Anando action, huh?) where Nando picked up the smiley Serb.

The pair were greeted by the whole Verdasco clan including father Jose, mama Olga, anad sisters Sara + Ana.

A few observations:

1) it's getting s-e-r-i-o-u-s people

2) now you can tell how monstrously tall Ana is compared to the rest of the humanoid ladies

3) they all seem so strangely chummy already as if they've known each other a while, even holding hands as they skip through the streets of Madrid. Haven't they only been dating since the US Open?

I guess the Verdasco fam really likes Ana. No pressure Nando...really, none at all. *thinks don't screw this one up man-whore*

See more pics here and here.

CORRECTION: This took place in Ferrol, Spain not Madrid. See comments for more details. Thanks anonymous reader!

(images via Women Tennis Photos)


  1. LOL poor Fernando, looks like la dolce vita is over, he must be a good boy to keep the rich female giant in da V house!

  2. I don't know why I have a hard time believing Ana is so damn tall, I don't know why, maybe because of her graciousness, but looking at the pics, wow! She's one hot huge woman!

  3. The post is really nice Rich, but some corrections. All these pictures are from a city in Galícia called Ferrol. They all spent the weekend together here as Fernando was playing an exhibition tournament. The pics in the airport are from Ana and Fer arriving in Ferrol together from Mallorca, where they both were. You can see that among the luggage they carry is his racquet bag. The big bag is Ana's. His family met them there and I've read reports from the spanish media saying that when Ana was not with Fernando she was always with his sister or his mom. So yeah, they must really like her. :) They do seem confortable together. They all went to Madrid on sunday or monday, not sure.. but today Ana was with Fer watching a Real Madrid match.

  4. They're going way too fast. Either they'll get serious or they'll crash and burn. I'm not sure what would be more interesting.

  5. note to fernando: seriously, don't screw this one up. you know, a lot of guys would kill to be in your place.

    if you visit the forums sections on ana's site, it seems that a lot of her fans are still skeptical (to put it mildly) of nando. i also hope he realizes how 'protective' ana's fans can get.

  6. t: hey there! nice to hear from you again.

    sonja: for some reason she doesn't look like she'd be tall, something to do with her proportions. shrieka, for instance, is really leggy and lanky so she looks the giant that she is. i was at an event for her last year and she's enormous - and she was wearing heels no less.

    but ana doesn't look very lanky and her proportions are more right on.

    anon: yes, ana's fans are ferociously protective and loyal - which is normally good - but when i write anything that might be seen as negative i hear about it. she's not perfect - don't let the smiley-ness fool you!!!

  7. True Rich, Shrieka looks much more like a giant than Ana.
    It only shows when Ana's standing next to regular women... LOL

    Oh, did I already mention: PUKE.


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