Google Down the Line!: Serena + Common reportedly call it quits, won't have to deny relationship anymore

Monday, December 8, 2008

Serena + Common reportedly call it quits, won't have to deny relationship anymore

Word on the web is that Serena Williams + Common have reportedly split up!

A trusted insider told gossip site MediaTakeOut,

They're both extremely busy and their schedules don't match up - so they decided to put things on hold. It was very amicable ... and who knows, maybe they'll get back together.
Though they've been spotted everywhere together including at the year's US Open where ReRe took the title and on a surfing trip in Hawaii, the pair never enjoyed discussing their relationship. Most recently, Common denied dating the 9-time Grand Slammer telling,
Ha, nah man. My best girl-friend is hip-hop. I’m a single man.
Oh well - I guess they won't have to keep denying what's been right in front of our eyes anymore. I mean, that must get tiring.


  1. "Extremely busy" and "their schedules don't match up"?! What a bunch of crock. They broke up, that's all.

    If you're into it, you find time. Simple as.

  2. There's already a dvd in Common's hand with some bootylicious porn for lonely nights without Serena.

  3. Love Serena as a tennis player..but could it be because she's 3 times bigger then him? I don't know, but I like my men to bigger then ME.
    Just sayin..

  4. irene s. i took a look at your blog, and on your post before last one, you say "it's diffucult for me to right", but it's spelled wright, and i think few other times you're writing right and it's wright----writing, wright...right is opposite to a lil tip!

  5. irene.s - me too on both counts!

    anon 8:04 - i can't tell if you're kidding or not (it's hard to tell with comments) but if you're talking about writing the spelling is "write" not "wright". wright is usually a proper noun i.e. a person's last name.

    but it's better to stick to the subject of the blog over attacking someone's spelling because you could criticize me all day long!!!

  6. I am so tired of people talking shit about serena's size, she is a healthy woman who gives a damn if she is "bigger" than Common, she could probably out run most of us and kick our ass....irene s. good luck finding a man for YOUR fat ass..."just sayin.."


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