Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Team Murray arrive in Miami, begin off-season training intensive

Thursday, December 4, 2008

PHOTO OP: Team Murray arrive in Miami, begin off-season training intensive

A few members of Team Murray have already made their way to South Florida for Andy's winter training session and they have set up camp at the University of Miami.

Fitness trainer Jez Green and Andy's cute compatriot, doubles specialist Ross Hutchins, have joined the Brit baller in the sunny city for the next three weeks of intense off-season prep; the rest of Team Murray will arrive this weekend. There will be both morning and afternoon workouts, 6 days a week, with a 3-hour break in between to recharge and refuel (apparently at Whole Foods for some sushi.)

And like Ana Ivanovic, the world No.4 hasn't hit in a couple of weeks so the training begins slowly by "blowing away a few cobwebs" and then the team works their way up to more on-court practice.

He also uses this off-time to experiment with his equipment: the company who strings and customizes Andy's racquets, Priority 1, has sent down a few variations for him to try out.

While at UM, Team Murray will also set out to compete in a self-styled Winter Olympics, a series of 10 events, including chin-ups, that all members will take part in over a two week time. Andy has hit 20 reps, a significantly higher number than the 21-year old hit last season.

Good stuff Andy! Lookin' good as well though you may want to try working on a tan since you're already down there.

Just sayin'...geesh.

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    Man, he's really working hard. Good for him, I think next year he's gonna be great.

    If only he's not so pasty...

  2. Murray has a redhead gene, so he's pretty much unable to develop any suntan.

  3. OMGLOL Rich and Babz!! As soon as I saw the pics, I was thinking "Looking pretty pasty Andy!" :D

    But Anon is right, there's basically nothing he can do about it. Still, it's pretty great that his face and neck are just ever so slightly darker than his chest. Use that sunblock! :)

  4. First pic quote- "I am Cornholio I need TP for my bunghole".

  5. uvijeK: LOL! you always have the best movie/TV show references!! Is that your hobby?

  6. Something like that : ) I guess I was very mark by "pop culture".

    Its all for the laughs.

  7. Rich, I love your blog, it always makes me laugh, but if you keep hurting my eyes with pictures of Murray's naked chest, I'll have to leave it for good! *picturing Johnny Depp in POTC now*

  8. EEEWWW he's even whiter than his shorts! And johanne is right, his face and neck are darker, so there's room for improvement...

    But I also can't get over his eternal hairy situation. :/


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