Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Justine reveals ladylike side, Kim reveals tattoo at Sports Gala

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PHOTO OP: Justine reveals ladylike side, Kim reveals tattoo at Sports Gala

Remember when two lady ballers put the tiny country of Belgium on the tennis map and ruled the WTA Tour? Ahhh yes.

Seven-time Grand Slammer Justine Henin and former US Open champ Kim Clijsters reunited at the Sports Gala, Belgium's most prestigious sporting award ceremony, on Sunday.

A dolled-up Justine sat on astroturf (uncomfortable much?) while being honored with a lifetime career achievement award and received two videotaped congratulatory messages from tennis legends Pete Sampras + Stefan Edberg. Here's some of what she had to say:

I have no regrets. I can't regret a life which gave me so much. I learned so many things about myself. It's important to have the wisdom to stop at a time when it's the moment to move on. I have only good memories.

I have so much curiosity, and I want to be able to express myself differently from now on. Even here today. I have personal time now. Time for me. To breath and relax isn't easy for myself having lived such an extremely intense lifestyle. I try for serenity with a rich balance, but without competative pro tennis and adrenalin.
Kim attended the ceremony with husband Brian Lynch and was spotted with daughter Jada's name tattooed on her wrist. Boy, she's finally letting loose y'all!

See more images here and here.

(images via Womens Tennis Photos)


  1. Gosh, I miss those two girls. They both look beautiful at the event. It's good to see them again.
    Rich, why don't you take over TTC, because you provide WAY more interesting tennis info than they ever could.

  2. natch: thanks though i don't know how qualified i would be...

    *blushes then starts reworking resume*

    okay where do i submit my credentials???

  3. I always liked Kim and Justine was just starting to grow on me when she left. Wah waaaaah... Good to see them both looking so happy!

    BTW natch: I totally agree, TTC is such a snoozefest when they're not broadcasting a tourney. Rich would do a much better job :)

  4. Henin's hairdo is horrid.

  5. T.O.: yeah i have to agree with you on that one it's pretty bad. she never pulled the lady-thing off very well. i can only ever see her in adidas duds.

    same for kim - it was hard for her to pull off the glam thing too.

  6. Ah, good old times when those two girls were still in the WTA... *siiigh*

    I think they both look really pretty here. Kim's husband looks very weird, though. LOL
    Maybe just an unfortunate moment...?

    BTW, I would be all for an own column for Rich at Eurosport (since I don't have TTC).

  7. sonja: okay i can do that too - no prob!

  8. Kim Clijsters still = Princess Fiona from Shrek...

  9. Taylor: Your joke is so old it's no longer funny. Lame that you're still using it


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