Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Days 5 + 6 of Andy Murray's off-season training intensive including a fat lip for the Brit

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PHOTO OP: Days 5 + 6 of Andy Murray's off-season training intensive including a fat lip for the Brit

Andy Murray continued Days 5 + 6 of his off-season training intensive in Miami.


Team Murray actually caught a break today from the usual training practices so Andy could participate in an upcoming TV segment for BBC Sports Personality. The director of the episode was inspired by the movie "300" and Andy's part involved the use of a helicopter shooting the Brit baller from above as he hit tennis balls out to sea (above). Very Miami Vice.

The day continued with lots of eating and ended with some time singing karaoke from a Playstation with Ross Hutchins.

Here's a breakdown of Day 5:

Calorific intake: 5,800

Fitness: None (day-off)

Sun tanning: No chance today


The rest of Team Murray finally arrived for the toughest day so far. The day began with 10 brutal sets of 400 metres on the track which was enough exercise to set the team up for some potential puking (while BBC filmed) and then their daily 3-hour sushi run.

Back at UM, Andy joined the university's girls' soccer team for what was supposed to be 45 minutes but resulted in a 90 minute session and a fat lip for the Brit. Geez - those girls weren't playin'!

The day concluded with a light hit (since fitness is still the priority) and more weighted chin-ups this time with a 11kg weight, a 1kg increase for the world No.4 already.

Day 6 breakdown:

Calorific intake: 5,800

Track: 10 x 400 metres

Football: 90 minutes

Tennis: 45 minutes

Weights: Upper body

Sun tanning: Becoming questionable

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  1. I was so "meh" on Murray until I started visiting his website. You can tell he truly cares about his fans. That goes such a long way with me. Remember that ball balancing act he was doing a while back? I tried it and fell flat on my face the first 10 times! I actually thought I was in pretty good shape up until then. ;)

    As for the suntan, give it up, Andy. Your ghostliness makes you much more appealing. It makes you more human. Plus, that hot guy looks a whole lot hotter standing next to you.

  2. natch: Right? I love that we're getting to see all of this off-season training and hanging out too. So I'm guessing that exercise is pretty tough. I'll have to try it when I go to the gym today - if I'm feeling daring and unafraid of embarrassment (which is not so common with my clutsy self.)

    It's true - his friends are hot. But Andy's girl, Kim Sears, is really pretty IMO. Maybe he's cuter in person? Or maybe he has a "nice personality"??

  3. OMG I used to run track and the mere THOUGHT of running ten 400m sprints makes me want to vomit!! No judgment from me if anyone lost their lunch. I must give Andy big props for not only training so hard, but sharing it with all of us...

    Rich: my thoughts exactly about Andy and his hot gf. But I have to say, he seems to have that sort of charm that grows on you. That combine with his new-found maturity on court, can be very appealing to us ladies!

  4. Yes, I'm with the "he grows on you" theory. I still don't find him attractive, but I definitely want to hang out and work out with him. Actually, I would probably be watching him (from an ambulance) workout after the first hour or so.
    Just from a tennis fan's perspective, I am now vested in him, all because of his website.

  5. and just who is that fugly pasty guy hanging out with Ross? Can't get enough of Mr. Hutchins...

  6. johanne + natch: He looks like he's probably fun to hang with...unlike, say, Nalby?

    Taylor: Yes, I don't know why we don't see more of Ross (i love that name BTW). I guess if I watched more dubs I might but then I'd have to watch more dubs. Meh.

  7. Rich: totally. Nalby is straight up d-bag material, IMO. He's a "love it or hate it" personality. And I hate it. Sorry!

  8. i really want his Fred Perry t-shirts

  9. b2012: i think i remember seeing some at gerry's on 8th ave in chelsea and maybe at barney's co-op on 18th st...not sure if they have them now but they def carry the line. i bought a gingham camp shirt from fred perry there last year.

  10. As a tennis player, Andy definitely has grown on me. Seems like such a sweet and fun guy to be with. As a man, I'm so not attracted to him. Fat lip doesn't help. LOL

    Ross, by the way, always reminds me of Friends... WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!

  11. sonja: It's a good think he has lips - guys with no-existent lips freak me out. Like the actor Kenneth Branagh - he has NO lips and it's always grossed me out:

    It's like he has internal lips - okay that sounds gross!

    I heart that show in a BIG way - so hysterical. I watch reruns now and still laugh my arse off.

  12. Totally Rich, non-existent lips are so weird (that Branagh picture is very disturbing, and damn has he gotten old since Wild Wild West...).

    I was more referring to Andy's last picture there, his usual lips are alright. Still, he just doesn't do it for me.

    As far as lips are concerned, I'm very torn though. It depends on the person.

    Thin lips I like with Russell Crowe. Full lips I like with Tom Welling. Full lips creep me out when they're anything like the ones of our former chancellor:

    OK granted, he's ugly anyway. LOL

    Friends - sigh, I truly love this show, too. I've got this DVD box with all episodes and can't stop watching it.

  13. sonja: yeah his lip are strangely shaped, but like you said maybe his lips aren't to blame here!

    Ahhh, curling up on the couch under a chunky blanket with a bottle of wine attached to my face watching Friends. It's bliss...or I'm just an old spinster.

    Oh well.

  14. OMG that's exactly what I'm doing right now! *joins the spinster club*

    Oh well Rich... you love tennis, Friends, fashion, writing... why can't I be a cute guy in Brooklyn? ;-))

  15. sonja: oh good times! that'll be me in, oh, well soon enough.

    but there's only room for one of us in brooklyn. we can take turns - so how's austria this time of year?

  16. Absolutely!

    And if you like hot wine punch, you're totally meant to be in Vienna during Christmas time.


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