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Friday, December 5, 2008

PHOTO OP: Day Two of Andy's off-season training intensive, sun tanning included and required

(WARNING: This post contains photographs of some half-dressed, pasty-colored Brit ballers. Those of you opposed to or frightened by these images, please proceed with caution - or wear sunglasses. Just sayin'.)

Andy Murray is on Day Two of his off-season training intensive at the University of Miami and was joined again by fitness trainer Jez Green and compatriot Ross Hutchins, who should, IMO, always keep his shirt off rather than on.

Team Murray also got a surprise visit from another one of Andy's hot friends: UM tennis baller Dani Vallverdu from Venezuela (below) who we first discovered this past summer at Queen's Club. *reminisces then smiles*

Anyway, the world No.4 began with some tennis-football warm-up drills and then moved on to some speed and agility training including timed shuttle runs to either side of the service box and weight ball drills.

The team took their daily 3-hour midday break, hitting up Whole Foods for a serious sampling of sushi. Yums.

The day continued with some weightroom work. The hour-and-a-half session included the dreaded chin-up exercise with a 10KG weight tied to his waist. Can someone say painful?

It's probably a great idea, then, to end the day with some Bikram "hot" yoga to stretch out those tired muscles and release lactic acids after this workout.

Here's a breakdown of what the 21-year old had to suffer through today:

Calorific intake: 5, 800

Weights: upper body

Tennis: 2 hours

Bikram yoga: 1.5 hrs

Sun tanning: all day, every day (hopefully)

OMG - So Andy gets to play tennis, do yoga, workout, AND stuff his face silly all while working on his tan? So fun! Where can I sign up for this program?

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  1. Althogh your comment at the end is funny, it's though job man!Apsolutely are those boys real workers that deserve nothing but respect!So recpect Andy!
    PS.I started reading this blog recently, did't know for it,love it, and I'm wondering are you ex-tennis player or something, Rich?Or you just love tennis?

  2. Tessa: He's living my dream daily routine. Hopefully in my next life I'll come back blessed with natural tennis skill and the physical assets to go with it. One can always dream!

    No, I'm not an ex-baller. I just have a real love of the game, the personalities, and play tons recreationally. Plus, I love writing and discussing tennis with other fans. Thus, DtL was born!!

  3. Ummm.... I think less pics of Andy and more of Ross (shirtless please)might be in order...

  4. Oh now you're being sarcastic, pal!:) I just admire proffesional athletes so much, it's tempo of life that is so demanding on every single level, so I don't prefer mocking the workers.But I understand you gotta put a humor into things,and I love yours!

  5. Taylor: Yes, that is my duty! When I get my mitts on some, I will most def post.

    Tessa: Oh no I'm dead serious. I really wish I could do what they do for a living. I do most of those things already, just not for as long and without the pay! *gets sad, day dreams of a pro-tennis career*

  6. Thanks Rich! I would also like to know if Ross "needs" to train shirtless why it can't be with Robby Ginepri?

    Oh these and so many other important questions that plague the modern tennis fan...

  7. hahahah, *gets sad, dreams of a pro-tennis carees* oh now you're sad, I'm sorry!My fault, interily my fault!But it still sounds sarcastic....also my fault I guess, but I would like to be Anna Kournikova looking Maria Sharapova titles for a living, and am dead serious!LOL I wouldn't wanna be like 2 meters tall though...

  8. im a big fan of off-season training photos, thanks rich ;)

    murray so PALES in comparison... in that first pic, classic murray haha

  9. anon: hehe - nice one! i wish more ballers would let us in on their training. i saw ferrer on the atp site which i'm planning to post.

    but why are they so secretive? is it because they're thinking it'll give them a competitive advantage or something??

    i think tennis fans would be really interested in learning more. at least I would!

  10. Murray will turn into the Scot Hulk. Just pale, not green.

  11. why can't ernie gulby or novak have a blog like this with so many pics to swoon over? why oh why...

  12. john: yeah, i've been dreaming of nole's for a while...

  13. Erny Gulbis or Novak??Oh why can't Nando Verdasco, Mario Ancic or Rafa have blog like that?Why oh why??Nando is the hottest thing around right now!Period.:)


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