Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Day 8 of Murray's off-season training intensive, shirtless Ross makes welcome return

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PHOTO OP: Day 8 of Murray's off-season training intensive, shirtless Ross makes welcome return

After the pink play from Day 7, Team Murray got back to the grueling work of their off-season training intensive in Miami.


The day began on the track at Tropical Park with the team performing ten 200 metres sprints with less time to complete and recover in the 80 degree (plus humidity) conditions. Okay - I'm already feeling nauseous just writing this post - ay yay yay.

But the sight of Ross Hutchin's shirtless return is a welcome relief as is mini-me Matt "Treacle" Little in his mini outfit. WTF?!

Let's just say it was a brutal workout with every member of Team Murray feeling the burn and little something else bubbling up...

After completing the full set and coming back to consciousness, Team Murray gladly took their 3-hour lunch followed by a late day hitting session.

Day 9
will be a much anticipated half-day of training but involving a 1.5 hour Bikram Yoga class - fun!

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  1. Taylor: Ross and his rockin' can you resist? Seriously though I want to see what Dani's gotg goin' on underneath. He seems shy, but possibly corruptible.

  2. Rich, Bikram IS fun. It's quite a workout, too. I practice and am certified to teach it. I got certified just to see if B was the freakshow everyone says he is. It's definitely true!
    *waits for legal summons to show up at her door*
    Any way, it will (or is, I forget how long he's been doing it) help Andy out tremendously. I used to help NFL players, and saw what it did for them.

    As for Ross, I'm also writing a letter to TTC requesting more doubles coverage, pronto. Like doubles showering, I think.

  3. natch: O...M...G! I'm certified to teach Hatha beginners!! So funny. I love and am a big pusher of yoga to everyone. It's given me so much and I still start my day with my mini, 30 min, Rachel Ray-style practice almost every morning.

    It's so cool you used to help NFL players - must've been a very interesting experience.

    Yeah, I mentioned I've never really watched dubs before because, eh, I'd have to watch it. It's fun playing at times but I can't watch. But Ross is too yummy to miss. He could single-handedly bring it back if he played shirtless...fine, nude.

  4. I LOVE watching doubles, but nobody ever shows it. I also think it probably is much better live than broadcast. It's so exciting how fast the players have to be. Doubs will and has definitely helped Andy. What I wouldn't give to watch Ross...I sure hope he plays at the USO so I can see him live...and follow him into the showers...;)

    Yep, yoga is AMAZING. I have a friend who suffers from a horrible disease who I introduced to it. She was supposed to be dead about ten yrs ago, and she turned 42 in 2008. yay!
    I loved being hard on the NFL guys. I used to lean over to a certain WR when he was in a pose that was difficult for him, but would help him catch those sideline catches, and I would whisper, "Wus!" That was pure fun for me!;) Sorry for going OT.

  5. Yay, Ross is back! *drools*

  6. Does Ross have a fan club? How can we petition for a risque calendar?


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