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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PHOTO OP: Day 7 of Murray's off-season training intensive - got pink?

Team Murray faced Day 7 of their off-season training intensive and pink was the name of the game today.


Andy and Matt "Treacle" Little settled a score made last year: if either beat their personal best at in the 400 metres (Treacle), and win a Masters Series event (Andy) the other would be forced to work pink outfits. The autographed clothing would then be donated to Momma Murray's fave charity, Career Research UK, which fights breast cancer.

Suffice it to say they both hit their goals. Good for them, I say. The color, however, isn't helping the Brit baller's pasty skin - it's blinding now - but you gotta love the velour shorty-shorts! But one request Team Andy: can we see Ross Hutchins or Dani Vallverdu modeling a pair? Just askin'.

Anyway, the day's training continued with movement drills (below) and work with the dreaded medicine ball (very top image) - all while being eye-balled in his shorties by confused UM students everywhere.

The day concluded with lower body work including squats and leg presses...

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  1. This is hilarious! The third pic is def my fave - love Andy's pose :)

    P.S. He's seriously getting ripped. He's all muscle! I bet he does really well at the AO.

  2. Andy is looking pretty in pink.

    Looks like he's really training hard for more success next year.

  3. Whats with Murray?? its his preparing for a tennis match or for "Rocky vs. Drago"??

    Get that "Eye of the Tiger" song back Rich!!

  4. I'd like to see Murray winning Wimbledon wearing pink tutus.

  5. Ugh. Pink. I hate that color.

    I forgot to say how impressed I am Andy's doing Bikram. I'm also shocked he mentioned it because Bikram will probably now sue him, me, and Rich for mentioning his name. ;)

    Rafa, why doesn't your website show us pix like these??? I would threaten you with leaving you for Andy, but I AIN'T CRAZAY!!

  6. "Rocky vs. Drago"

    LOOOOL uvijek.... I was so thinking that too!

    But chapeau to Andy! He's a hard worker!

  7. Andy can get as "seriously ripped" as he likes but God forbid he should cut/comb his hair or do anything at all to battle the omnipresent fuglyness... and the pink shorts sure don't help.

    Where's Ross?????

  8. I'm glad to see my fellow Scot isnt taking himself too seriously. :D

    Having a similar pasty complexion I even got sunburn at Wimbledon this summer!


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