Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Battle of the shorty-shorts, Rafa vs. Nole

Thursday, December 18, 2008

PHOTO OP: Battle of the shorty-shorts, Rafa vs. Nole

Fine - so I didn't get to see the complete "Friends of Iker vs. Friends of Rafa" Part Deux charity event live OR on video. I'm slowly getting over it.

I did, however, get my grubby hands on these images of Rafael Nadal + Novak Djokovic playing the soccer portion of the event working what else? The coveted shorty-shorts. Very nice.

I'm thinking they both have lovely legs but who wore them better:

or Nole?


(image via Getty)


  1. These shorts are way too long. BOO.

    And I'm partial to Rafa...but that should come as no surprise to you, Rich :D

  2. johanne: LOL! Ha - they should just put them out in boxer briefs. would THAT be short enough? the necessary "cup" could still fit, no?

  3. OMG now you're talking!!

    *Imagines Rafa in seductive underwear ad*


  4. Calvin Klein? I'm thinking that would definitely help his appeal and broaden his fan base in America. You don't need perfect English to stand there in all his glory.

    Johanne, you should suggest the idea to Calvin Klein. Letter writing campaign? I'll sign.

  5. I meant Rafa, by the way. Nole .. eh ..blah. lol

  6. When in action, those shorts did hike up some. Take a look:

  7. johanne + pamela: calvin klein, 2xist, emporio armani, whatever - just get them in those boxer briefs stat.

    do you think rafa could outsell beckham for emporio? i'm thinking he just miiiight!

    *imagines dueling underwear box covers then picks mouth off the floor*

    anon: thanks for those links!

  8. Oh my God, Rafa in the Becks Armani pose! All spread out and seductive, that olive skin and firm muscles, dark eyes... Okay, I'll just stop now and carry on my private fantasy elsewhere. I think my brain melted. Thank you Rich!

  9. why do we need to choose between the two? I'll take both please, no shorts or other garments required.

    Btw if you photoshopped those two pictures together you'd get a nice slashy image. trust those two to be in JUST the right position with JUST the right facial expression.

  10. Hmmm... Nole has a very nice backside... :DDD And beautiful legs... I prefer better his then Rafa's... :D

  11. I'm all for the Beckham/Rafa underwear showdown. Show us what you got, boys!! :D

  12. anon 8:23 - i love the thinking *starts splicing images for personal collection*

    johanne - i wonder if Beckham's package in that ad is real. i mean the stuff was busting out at the seams. could it be? could rafa actually be bigger??

  13. Rich: Oh that shit has got to be enhanced but who cares?! I'm sure there's at least some truth to it LOL.

    And don't even get me started on Rafa's junk...I've got a theory on those shy, polite ones... and it's a dirty theory ;)

  14. Rafa of course!

    I would kill for a Team Rafa shirt!! Ok not kill but, pay good money for sure...

  15. Rafa, of course, you silly man! Better legs, that is. Ruffie looks hideous in that clown suit, btw *sigh*


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