Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Anastasia LOVES her lady friend too - is it a Russian thing?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: Anastasia LOVES her lady friend too - is it a Russian thing?

There's either something in the water over there or the Russians just love to get freaky for the cameras.

So I just showed you Dmitry Tursunov man-handling a lady friend's lady part, right? Now here are some images of former Roland Garros champ and drunken MILF Anastasia Myskina swapping spit with retired Russian figure skater Anna Semenovich.

Maybe they're all born to do porn...oh, and play some tennis too? I give up.

(images via WTA Tennis Blog)


  1. Anna Semenovich from blistashie its such a teaser!! Do a porn movie and move on!!..jeeesshhh... Davai!!

  2. Russia rules!

    (Sorry, I had to release my inner frat-boy there! : ) )

  3. Russian players seem to like trashy girls. If Kim Clijsters and Rachel Hunter had a kid, it would look like that girl.

  4. *cough* Sluts. *cough*

  5. sonja: LOL - I wonder how she's going to explain this one to her son Zhenya "Oh, Mommy got blasted and, well, things happen'll see one day."

    Or she could get advice from Madonna...I'm sure she's had tons of explaining to do with her brood. Can I be a fly on THAT wall?

  6. "Mommy, why are you doing Jesus?" - "Mommy, why are you french kissing Britney?" - "Mommy, why are you wearing a bra looking like ice cream cones?" - "Mommy, why is daddy mad at you?"

    Hahahaha, I bet Madonna has tons to do there!!


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