Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Ana poses for Verano '09 calendar, layers the cheese on thickly

Monday, December 15, 2008

PHOTO OP: Ana poses for Verano '09 calendar, layers the cheese on thickly

Wannabe model Ana Ivanovic is appearing in a 2009 calendar for sponsor Verano. The calendar is a special edition and won't be on sale to the public.

You mean I won't be able to have Ana doing her best Bob the Builder on my wall? Boo hoo.

Let's hope the Serb was contractually forced into eating this cheese plate. Otherwise, she's a lost cause.

Click here and here for more images - if you dare.

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  1. ana does look a little wierd, i admit. knowing sharapova, she wouldn't have been caught dead doing poses like that.
    but knowing ana, she was probably too soft to say no.

  2. ana does look a little wierd, i admit. knowing sharapova, she wouldn't have been caught dead doing poses like that.
    but knowing ana, she was probably too soft to say no.

  3. Sharapova does worse poses, like laying on the floor in embryo pose who's just been raped and so on. And don't forget about her turd factory dog, source of pathetic ads.

  4. WTF is this now?! Ana seems to be in a hurry to make me really not like her anymore... so lame...

  5. Ana signed a 3 year contract with Verano, the most lucrative for a serbian sportsperson in Serbia.. and yes.. by contract she has to do every promotional activity they request. Including walking around in a mall and taking those pics.

    Sometimes I feel people are searching for excuses to say they don't like her anymore.. what has the girl done? psss..

  6. johanne: I'm asking myself the same thing and I'm not coming up with any answers!

    anon: I actually like her but it's called overexposure. You know - someone is constantly out there begging for attention and it eventually starts wear. Now if she was out there pushing her tennis and training tons maybe there'd be better appreciation.

    But you have to be honest, these images are so awful!

  7. Rich, I don't like the images either.. but well.. she signed the sponsorship deal, they are paying her.. what do you want her to do? Refuse the money because she did not like the concept of the pictures? That's just not realistic..

    Ok. I understand the overexposure. But hey, if it wasn't for the Anando pictures, we would not have seen Ana for more than a month. And we can't really blame her for that.. It's not like she was calling the paps to take her pics. I don't know if you guys know how the paparazzi world works in Spain.. it's worst than in LA, trust me. If it wasn't for that, would you say that she was still getting overexposure? I mean.. she could have many more sponsors.. and she only has a handful. She is not going to say no to the ones that pay her bills.

    And she was practicing in Mallorca, and in Madrid. She had her whole team there with her(except Sven). But that's not interesting to the paps. And now she is already in Australia... maybe the first player to get there to prepare on site.

    I just think that people are indeed searching for anything that could help their cause to stop liking her. People are holding on to stuff with her that don't seem to bother them regarding others. And that's something I just don't understand.

    I don't care if people like Ana or hate Ana or are indifferent to Ana.. just say so.. Everybody has the right to like or dislike someone.. but looking for any excuse, just anything she does, to say that they used to like her but not anymore, is just SO lame. If she poses for pics.. oh! The pics are awful! I don't like her anymore! What's her fault on that? Please! And if she goes out with her boyfriend and paparazzi gets them on video.. oh! They want attention otherwise they wouldn't go out through the front door. They should hide from people, attention seekers! So annoying, I don't like Ana anymore!. If she spends weeks practicing hard.. oh! She is a tennis robot! I don't like her anymore! If she loses a match she shouldn't have lost.. oh! She just doesn't care about tennis! I don't like her anymore! It has been like that the last couple of months and I find that extremely lame. Don't like her? Fine.. say so and stop going around everything she does.

    I'm not refering to you in particular Rich.. this is just the feeling I have from reading the comments.. not just on this entry.

  8. >> I don't care if people like Ana or hate Ana or are indifferent to Ana.. just say so.. <<

    Anon: Isn't that what we're doing? In my opinion, this blog is all in good fun! :) We wouldn't be reading it if we didn't like tennis and those who play the sport. But if you're looking for a totally PC blog where there's no joking around and poking fun, this is probably not the one for you. Just saying!

  9. johanne, I think you did not get my post.. I'm all for the poking fun. The pics are cheesy.. I also think so..

    I just find it lame to get everything Ana does to say.. oh! she really is trying to make me not like her anymore. Holding on to stupid tiny things to say so.. things that seem very normal when it's about other players. Don't like her? Fine.. poke fun of her, criticize her.. but don't go oh! I used to like her, but since she did this terribly cheesy photoshoot I don't anymore.. like it's her fault the pictures are laughable.. This is lame.

  10. Hmmm... you confuse me... I don't think everything she does gets people to say they don't like her anymore. I think you're just hung up on my comment that "Ana seems to be in a hurry to make me really not like her anymore." All I was saying is that the majority of her recent press has been stupid stuff, IMO. That's all. I don't actually totally hate her now, because of all this. It was just a jab at her media frenzy lately - which I maintain has been super lame. But even if it was the "last straw" for me, who cares? Why do you get to decide what constitutes a legitimate reason for liking someone or not? Chill out! It's just a blog!

  11. johanne,

    No.. I just took your post as an example because it's in this entry. I've read myself again and it might seem that I totally overreacted because this entry is not that big deal.. but it's something that I have been noticing for quite some time.

    And the same way you think all her recent press is stupid.. I find those excuses totally lame.. it's just not something to like or dislike someone for me.. isn't blogs all about opinion? Then this is mine.. not better nor worse than yours..

  12. By the way.. what's her recent press? I mean.. I was thinking about it to see if I also find it stupid.. and I could only really remember this and the L'Equipe cover.. and then the FHM photoshoot that was almost 6 months ago.. And yes, the FHM pics were totally unnecesary.

  13. You know all of these things - her tennis, her marketing, image, gossip tidbits - all go into how much someone will or won't be drawn to a certain baller as a fan. It's all just part of it these days because of the availability of media especially websites and blogs.

    So someone could like her game purely but be so turned off by the type of marketing they do, the stuff they do in their personal life, etc. It's pretty nuanced these days.

    Ana for me is the perfect example. She's a sweet girl with a good game that has potential to be better. But the type of marketing she does and the "modeling" turn me off. She's fun to blog about, though, because she's into being a celebrity and going to events, etc. But on a personal level I'm not drawn to her because of those reasons and that goes for a lot of other ballers too.

    But she's very young and my thinking on her may change.

  14. It's almost like you can feel her cringing... these photos are so awful, and they contrive to make her look not as pretty as she really is.

    Going off topic slighty, I wonder how much control players get to have over sponsor shoots like this? Like, if they hate it, can they do something about it? I'm thinking back to Rafa and his New York Magazine moment, where he later said he was unhappy with them. It must be hard for a player to totally manage their media-facing side.

  15. wow so much fuss haha...

    Well I also think the pictures are a tad cheesy but not terrible, for advertisement they are ok. I agree with Rich, ana has a great game and has a lot of potential, I like her style but it needs more consistency.

    I'm not a huge fan of the ''model'' ana and her off-court activities, although she can shoot some beautiful pictures from time to time (Like the l'equipe one). She's a sweet girl and all but her personality doesn't really interest me..sorry if that comes off as a bit harsh. She is not as fun as for example a Jankovic or as bitchy as Sharapova or Serena.

    And anonymous said that she wasn't seeking attention; ummm I don't know if you noticed but there are quite some pictures where she was posing for the paps; the awkward family portrait with nando's family and the one at the real madrid match.

    I'm not trying to bash ana, I'm just giving my opinion about her.

  16. umm after looking at the pics again...I changed my mind they are bad :P stupid sponsors can't even hire a proper photographer lol

  17. Michelle,

    I agree that the picture with Verdasco's family was awkward and I don't get it. Maybe it was an agreement with the paparazzi so they would just not follow them for the rest of the day.. But all the others were either total out of her control pictures.. or one only picture where she posed for the Real Madrid website. Well.. if they invite you to their tribune of honor, you might as well let them put it in their web. I still don't know how we can see that as seeking atention.. especially since Ana doesn't need this atention, nor it would add anything to her... but obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion on this.

    And yes.. the pictures are horrible. The more you look the worse they look.. She is a natural beauty and not even that translates to the pics.

  18. Hi anonymous,

    Yeah maybe it's the fact that ana is still young and very inexperienced with situations like these. I just hope that nando isn't going to pimp her out you know...he does seem the type of guy that does like the attention.

  19. Yes Michelle.. that is a concern I also have. Ana is young and inexperienced.. she might just go along with the flow.. And Fernando does have a history os liking the spotlight. I don't want to judge though.. who knows..

  20. after seeing these pics, i seriously want to bang dan holzmann's (and gavin versi's) head on the wall. i mean, come on people, you're managing one of the most beautiful athletes on the planet and you make her do these! anyway, i've visited several forums and many seem to like these verano motors pics so...

    slightly off-topic, people lament the lack of a dominant WTA player at the moment. i, on the other hand, think it's the most exciting to be a WTA fan. you have people in the top 10 who have contrasting personalities and different playing styles and one can only expect a big "cat fight" to ensue for the #1 ranking next year, that is if most stay healthy and consistent throughout the year. both ana and JJ have been bold enough to say that they want to win slams next year and go after (remain) #1. JJ is practicing harder than before and is more professional in her training. will it pay off next year? we'll have to wait and see. ana, who is the most talented player of the two, will take a lot of lessons from her terrible second half. while we haven't seen pictures of her practising (a la JJ or murray), it doesn't mean that she's not practicing at all. will she come out as a more mature and confident individual and competitor in 2009? again, we'll have to wait and see.

    sorry for the long post.

  21. kelsey: no, please don't apologize. i love hearing fans' thoughts on these topics which is why i love doing this blog.

    you know, i think it's incredible she has these opportunities to do these things but i wish she was a bit more picky. but that might be a matter of age, experience, and also ana understanding what she wants and leading the charge. as one reader alluded to, she's kinda going with the flow and not knowing yet what works for her.

    that being said, these images are still horrendous and straight up cheese ball.

    with regards to state of the ladies' game, it is exciting but there's always a weird sense that if the williams sisters played regularly they would be ranked 1 and 2, even at this point in their careers. so whenever someone comes out who could be the next "thing" they end up getting beat up by V or ReRe in a big match and then the bubble bursts.

    i want someone at No.1 who really should be there above any other baller and to dominate - no asterisk, no footnote. i think there needs to be that type of tension but everything is so diffused. it needs a rivalry as well since we're dealing with personalities going one-on-one the obvs example being rafa v. roger.

  22. belle: I think they can, and should have, a big voice in it. They'll make mistakes but that's better than having someone control everything and you just going along with it.

    It's their image out there so I would think you'd want to make sure you're being represented well.

    But a lot of times the $$$ makes the decision for you - and you get horrible calendars.

  23. These pics are awful but lets not exaggerate here. She has a contract with Verano and did a little photoshoot in the offseason. Big Deal. As bad as they are and as cheesy as they look, Ana hasn't done anything wrong. She is a sweet, humble girl. I don't believe she is looking for attention. There are a couple of things that her managemnet probably pushed on her such as the FHM shoot. But other than that, there is nothing wrong with these photoshoots even as bad as this one looks. Now if she begins doing SI Swimsuit and Maxim, etc, then that's a whole different story.

  24. I wonder who the hell would actually put this calender on their wall. LOL. Terrible.

    BTW where did the this discussion about liking Ana come from?!
    Here's my two cents on this: this blog is fun, and so are the comments. Everyone should be entitled to decide for themselves what or what not is a good reason to like or dislike someone. I agree with johanne that we're all reading it because we love tennis and the players. It's not like someone is really hating Ana. Like Rich said, sometimes there are aspects that make you wanna prefer a certain player - or not.

    But I wouldn't take things like that all too seriously.


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